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Feb 4, 08 2:30 PM
Guess who's 70 BABY
Jan 31, 08 12:14 PM
Dungeon 2 Complete!!
Jan 22, 08 4:49 PM
Funniest WoW video ever.
Jan 20, 08 5:33 PM
Dungeon 1 Complete!!
Jan 16, 08 1:44 PM

Thank you for your intertest in joining Perfectly Insane. We are just a few friends that wanted more out of the gaming exp. We are a event based guild looking for active members.

If this sounds like something you would like to do please apply at the App. section of the forums. If you Have any questions please feel free to contacted any of our officers, either in-game or via message system on website.

Thank You,
Perfectly Insane
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Levekftw, Feb 4, 08 2:30 PM.
Title says it all WELCOME ALL ARE NEW MEBERS!!!

Guess who's 70 BABY

Tobiasjr, Jan 31, 08 12:14 PM.
I like to take a minute to thank everybody who helped me get to 70.
First off a big thanks to many of the HoD people, too many to name but you know who you are.  I'd like to thank my little bro,
DJW for Nothing....selfish little prick. 
Zo for always being up for anything, and making sure my Redemption spell was in full use. 
Beaner for being there, (when to ol'lady allowed you to) and being everso jealous of my Ret skills. Oh yeah and always reminding me who was healing me.
Wolf for the voice of reason and the shoulder to cry on.  And bringing out your succubus, so I could pull one off once and a while.
Last Pa, A big thanks to you for all the patience you had for me. never once rushing me or getting on my back about leveling slow.  You always had encouraging words for me, never once putting me down for being a Dwarf, Pally, Ret, and a Canadian, and your steady stream of compliments made getting to 70 enjoyable.
Thanks Guys and Gals.

Dungeon 2 Complete!!

Levekftw, Jan 22, 08 4:49 PM.
WoWScrnShot_012208_192809.jpg picture by levek_2007

Funniest WoW video ever.

539289781_Inactive, Jan 20, 08 5:33 PM.

Dungeon 1 Complete!!

Levekftw, Jan 16, 08 1:44 PM.
WoWScrnShot_011508_200731.jpg picture by levek_2007
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