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Miserable Anguish
MA's monthly progress
May 14, 07 1:40 PM
May 9, 07 1:14 PM
Raid days
May 6, 07 4:35 AM
Now Recruiting
May 1, 07 7:25 PM
Miserable Anguish
Welcome to Miserable Anguish!

    Miserable Anguish was formed for a purpose to raid all of the content game wide within a month or so. Our guild is about being able to take yourself to the edge of endgame raids, and of course have fun while outfitting yourself.  We do not seek dramatic players so if your known for drama please look else where.  Seeking mature raiders who are serious about getting geared up, experienced, and ready to raid endgame EoF raids.

Seeking all classes

MA's monthly progress

538859241_Inactive, May 14, 07 1:40 PM.
Hey well we are doing good so far, i sent out the mail of our monthly progress.
We working on having our raids (Allianced) and raid force type. Since pick up raids right now are A. mostly full of gimps, B. most of them dont go to on ventrilo, last C. we dont want to gear people up when we really need it.


538859241_Inactive, May 9, 07 1:14 PM.
We have an alliance with the Phoenix Order and they will help us with our raids.
Heh we dont want to do pick up raids after all lol.
So if you have a friend who is in a guild that might want to raid with us tell them to give a tell to there leader first to confirm it, then to the higher ups here in Miserable Anguish.

Raid days

538859241_Inactive, May 6, 07 4:35 AM.
Ok we have almost 7 accounts now once we get 12 raiders we need to know what kind of raids do we want from thursday-sun.
Send mail to Darkspirit to make your vote valid.

Raids are,
  • Labs
  • Lyseum                           
  • Crab
  • Courts

Now Recruiting

lopann, May 1, 07 7:25 PM.
We are now in full swing guild production.  We seek all classes
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