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Our mission is to provide a fun, mature, professional guild where World of Warcraft players that are unable to raid 5 times a week, are able to come together and experience high end content.

We are a casual/hard core guild.

We call ourselves casual due to the fact that we only have 2 mandatory raids a week.  However the casualness ends there.  Dread Pirates have high expectations!  We have long raids, and members will need to have the proper gear before going to these raids, and be fully prepared with consumables.  Dread Pirates are also expected to study the encounters on their own time, which adds to our preparation before raids.

The only difference between the Dread Pirates and a hard core raiding guild is the amount of time we are able to raid.  Our raid times are Saturday and Sunday from 7pm-12am Server Time.

Who do we want to apply?

We are looking for 18 and older mature applicants who can meet our strict time requirements.

Interested?  Please fill out an application on the forums!

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538864440_Inactive, Jun 21, 07 10:42 PM.
New Website will be up soon.  Keep your shirt on.

Steaming Through Kara!

538864440_Inactive, Jun 19, 07 4:30 PM.
We are now looking for select classes for our Kara 2 team.  Fill out an app!


Terestian Illhoof


The Big Bad Wolf

Recruitment Closed

538864440_Inactive, Jun 13, 07 1:43 PM.
We have all the Pirates we can handle for the moment.  Though you are still welcome to post an application, we may be starting a 2nd Kara team soon!

Wizard of Oz Event Clear! 6/10/07

538864440_Inactive, Jun 13, 07 1:41 PM.
Got these assholes down our 3rd try!

Wizard of Oz Event

1st Kara Raid, Day 2 5/28/07

538864440_Inactive, Jun 1, 07 8:28 PM.
We smashed through two bosses!  Downing the Curator is a milestone for the Dread Pirates because it represents the 2nd gear check in Kara!


The Curator


Romulo & Julianne
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