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Oct 14, 07 2:39 AM
Website update
Oct 12, 07 8:25 PM
Kindred Music Viedo Cool stuff to wach on our website
Oct 6, 07 4:10 AM
Oct 5, 07 4:34 PM



Keep this in mind when seeing if this guild is right for you


    For the betterment of the Guild.  If you do not have this mindset then this guild is probably not for you.  We are not one of the first guilds formed on this server, but we will be one of the first with structure and leadership steming from a vast well of information, people from many differant backgrounds and leadership, and officer postions being held by people with the experience they accumulated from thier prior guilds and servers.  The leaders and officers are here to serve the people and to make thier gaming experience fun, but not at the expense of causing thier game play to disipate as quickly as this guild was formed.  We wont be a guild of alot of laws and rules, as only a few will be nessicary, and as for these few rules they are law, but as with any great orginization they are up for debate as long as it is done so in an organized manner. 

 1.) We will be raiding, and doing so in an Organized manner.

 2.) We do not need nor want drama if your out to whine then go else where.

 3.) We are out to have fun, with groups and raiding, but to establish structure.

 4.) Opinions, and suggestions, will be listened to but only done in orginized fashion, complaining on vent will not be as effective as suggesting something on the forums, I can not stress this enough.

 5.) DKP will be needed, yet people must realize that without gearing out the MT first nothing can be accomplished, Saying that the Main tank  Will have priority over any item that will make them benificial to the raiding process.  (( This is for the betterment of the guild.  It will help the raids. You Rise and fall in compairison to how well your tanks are geared in raids any good raiders know this. it shouldnt be a problem))

 6.) Respect your guildies, and know that they are just as apt to have an opinion as you are if you dont agree with it .. give a reason why but do it in a respectful manner and give an option of compromise.


    These are some very basic guidelines ones that current members of this guild have been use to following for a while,  know that we are out to make ourselves great, and if your looking to become part of something great it will take some work.                 
    But it will Be Done.         

We will close with this, Any questions will be answered, any suggestions by members will be listened to.  A Great guild can be accomplished without tyrany and drama.  Step into our world and throw the previous ideals you have had about high end guilds out the window.  The people leading here have done it before and will do it again, its just a simple matter of one question, do you want it?

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Jokstar, Oct 14, 07 2:39 AM.


Tonight The Chosen, Ventured into Free thinkers Hideout, and on their FIRST run through Cleared the ENTIRE zone,   Among many things gained tonight was the discovery of
No alternate text supplied.
Congradulations On the Victory The Chosen!!!!!

Website update

538952528_Inactive, Oct 12, 07 8:25 PM.
The Infomation bar has been updated. Log in to see whats new. 

Kindred Music Viedo Cool stuff to wach on our website

538952528_Inactive, Oct 6, 07 4:10 AM.
Before the merge into Chosen. This was are guild before Absolution

The name was Kindred
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538952528_Inactive, Oct 5, 07 4:34 PM.
Starlegend: How to sign up. Please click the join button at the top of the page. Wants you have done this, make sure that the apply button is checked. After applying for the application  you will have to wait for an Officer to revive your application.

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