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Welcome to Arx Deus' Homepage!

If you are interested in joining please visit our Recruitment page
here, we are currently looking for casual-core players who are 30+ looking to group and quest up to 50 (Check recruitment forum for exceptions to this). Our goal as a guild right now is to form a strong foundation to build upon and to level everyone one up so we can do high-end content.

We will be a casual raiding guild when the content is added and we reach into the upper levels, but for now most events will be dungeon exploration and group questing for legendary/heroic items. Please check out our Charter and Forum Guide for more Information. Thanks!  


Arx Deus, Farewell

Furst Blud, Jun 24, 07 3:46 PM.
Arx Deus is now in the past, Yetti has quit VG due to SOE, and Furst has decided to go back to his former guild. I know this is sudden but from where I stand at I only see this guild as a "group" only a handful of people on and you guys deserve a much better guild to be in than what I can muster. Overall its been great, grouping, playing, hosting the event with you guys :D. Hope everything ends up well and see you guys around in Telon!

Good-bye and farewell... Friends of Arx Deus. :')

Mysterious Treasure?

538881970_Inactive, Jun 10, 07 10:10 PM.
A rumor has spread throughout Telon of a treasure to the south, just waiting to be found. The docks seem to be more busy than usual...


538881970_Inactive, Jun 8, 07 4:52 PM.
This past Friday (june 8th) Arx Deus hosted a server event in Khal in order to find 3 lost players who were hidden within the Khal area. We had many prizes, so lets get to it!

Grand Prize: Gwendolin who won 50 gold and found Luprial for us!
Second Prize: Sren who won 30 gold and found Faatzy!
Third Prize: Nieriel who won 20 gold and found Sahnja for us ;)

Heres a pic of Yetti and the 3 lost players.

We also gave out 5 Furniture items for player housing to Aleria, Khetnok, Furst, Pleading, and Sren!

Since the members of Arx Deus were not allowed to participate in the main event, we set aside a nice prize for our lucky winner Nahnie who won herself a brand spankin new Sloop (player boat) worth approx 30g. Grats to all who won!

Lost and Found!

System, May 30, 07 9:54 AM.
In the search for riches, anything can happen...

Recently, three members of a exploration team where lost out in the wilderness after a violent sandstorm wiped out their caravan and they were left alone and lost. There are no reports on their exact location, but they are assumed to be on the outskirts of the great city Khal. Many have tried to locate these individuals but it seems as if they have just vanished into the sands. A new search will be made soon, and the local government is hiring all adventurers who wish to help, promising them great rewards for their success.

On June 8th, 2007 Arx Deus will be hosting a Server-Event open to all of Shidreth who wish to come out and have some fun with us! Meet us at 6pm EST in Khal where the teleporters land you (behind the wall near the docks) Prizes will be given out to the lucky few, so come put your leet skillz to the test!

For more information contact Yetti or Furst in game, or visit us at

Day at the arena

Furst Blud, May 28, 07 8:53 PM.
Well today Cyndil, Yetti and I decided to go down the arena and try to get enough coins to get our legendary weapons. We had a good time and heres a pic to prove it

Got cheese anyone?

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