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Well it took us a while, but we finally have made a guild portal site.  Welcome to it, and look forward to seeing some new changes every week till we are happy with how it looks.

A little about us:
Clan Lupar was founded by some folks who know each other in the Real World.  These folks have either played EQ1 or Ultima Online together and many games since.  In EQ2 we have made some new friends and they have been invited in to the guild.

We have main toons ranging from lvl 25-70 and most of us playing from North Eastern North America, but not all.  We do have a range of players scattered across the globe.
We don't raid much yet, and are just getting our toes wet with it.  We are actively seeking a raid alliance to allow our members the raid experience.  As a casual group of gamers, most of us have Real lives that take much game time away.  Some of us play hella too much though. :)  That being said Friday Nights and weekends are when many are on. 

If you are looking to join a casual family style guild, please join with us in a few adventures and if the guild members you group with feel you fit in well with our casual approach to EQ, you may be asked about joining us.

If you feel you would fit in well, please let us know so that we can group up (or call on you when we need help).  The first step is to become a friend.  Without that a guild is nothing.

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Clan Lupar on Guild Portal

537474721_Inactive, May 12, 07 5:53 AM.
Hey there world!  We have arrived on Guild Portal.

There will be continual changes to this site for the next few weeks as we get things in order.
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