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Website Officer Needed
Nov 7, 07 4:44 PM
Let's Give This Another Try
Nov 2, 07 5:12 PM
Aug 3, 07 12:29 PM
Next Expansion Rise of Kunark
May 14, 07 3:48 PM
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Welcome to your new website!

I hope this will be a tool used to help the guild grow.  The most important  goal of the Vox Dominatus guild is to help it's member have an enjoyable time in game.  To this end we have started this website to; 1) create a forum for questions, ideas and concerns. 2) Coordinate our efforts and be able to do more guild events and quests. 3) To pull our knowledge together.

If there is anything you'd like to see added to the site or if you would like to get authorization to help add content please send a message in game to me.


Officer, Vox Dominatus


Website Officer Needed

538890187_Inactive, Nov 7, 07 4:44 PM.
Greetings Vox!
An up-to-date and user friendly website is important to have -- especially if we want to organize guild events and request/offer help to others.

Unfortunately, I don't have the time or skills to do a proper job with this website.  I'm looking for volunteers to help manage this beast and make it something that everyone will find helpful.

So.... let me or Baboso know if you'd like to help out and we will give you admin privledges.

Thanks a bunch

Let's Give This Another Try

538890187_Inactive, Nov 2, 07 5:12 PM.
Greetings Voxers!
While Valient Venture was going strong, we opted to use their site as a primary means of communciation for both guilds.  However, VV has run it's course so let's try to get this website active again for news updates and planning events.



538887485_Inactive, Aug 3, 07 12:29 PM.
Looking for infomation on what changed in the last update?  Here is the scoop on live update 37.

Link to Sony's Game Update #37 Notes


  • You can now sell items on the broker with more than one character.
  • Emerald Halls is now a persistent instance raid zone!  See below for details.
  • You can now buy back items you most recently sold to NPC merchants!
  • Items that offer or are needed by quests will now display that information.
  • Achievement points spent are no longer locked to a single tree.  When you respec, you will be able to spend them on either tree (up to 50 per tree).
  • Crafters now gain tradeskill experience from completing tradeskill writs.

Next Expansion Rise of Kunark

538887485_Inactive, May 14, 07 3:48 PM.
Go Check out the next expansion due to come out is November.  Guild Adventure and Tradeskill levels will go to level 80.  There will be a new land to explore "Kunark" you can make a toon with the new race Sanark.  Check it out at the official site, click on the link below.

Official SOE Website for Rise of Kunark

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