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Small site update
Aug 19, 07 3:41 PM
The King is Dead!
Aug 11, 07 11:27 PM
Latest News
Jul 21, 07 10:17 PM
AoHB > Kara
Jun 16, 07 12:21 PM
Nightbane Reigns Supreme
Jun 12, 07 2:24 PM



Other Guild News

Small site update

537348271_Inactive, Aug 19, 07 3:41 PM.
If you click on the "Roster" link at the top of the page, you can see our member base including their level, rank in the guild, their class, and whether or not you can send them mail via Guildportal.

The best part about it is that it is linked to WoW's Official Armory, so that whatever updates there is updated here automatically.  And if you click on their name, it will link you directly to their Armory page!


The King is Dead!

537348271_Inactive, Aug 11, 07 11:27 PM.
On Wednesday, August 8th, AoHB ventured into Gruul's Lair for the first time.  After a couple hours of attempts (and fewer than 20 members in the raid), it seemed that the High King was unbeatable.  However, as the night wore on, we added some fresh souls into the raid (damn members finally logged on) and after only a few tries with a full raid, we were able to put High King Maulgar down for good.

Congrats on the loot:
2x Pally/Shammy/whatever Shoulder tokens -Sildainie/Pally-whose-name-I-forgot
Rogue helmet - Turbojack

Latest News

537348271_Inactive, Jul 21, 07 10:17 PM.
AoHB has been successfully running and completely finishing Karazhan for a little while now.  We plan on starting Gruul's Lair very soon.

Wish us luck!

AoHB > Kara

537348271_Inactive, Jun 16, 07 12:21 PM.
It has been a little over a month and AoHB has finally completed ALL that Karazhan has to offer, including Nightbane.  The raid entered Kara determined to kill him yesterday, unsure of how long it might take.  They were surprised when it only took them 1 try that night to vanquish the undead beast... the first try.  With the clearing of Karazhan, we must now look forward to our next challenge: Gruul's Lair.  With a few more clears of Kara, we may be able to enter the dungeon and face Gruul's minion, High King Maulgar and possibly... Gruul himself.

In other news, congratulations are in order for Grimmnar for being the first in the guild to create his T2 Blacksmithing weapon, Deep Thunder!

Nightbane Reigns Supreme

537348271_Inactive, Jun 12, 07 2:24 PM.
After about two hours of attempts, AoHB was able to put in some practice against the undead dragon.  The best attempt resulted in a 50% wipe.  Hopefully we'll be able to rally up again and smash the beast back into the ground this week.
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