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Disciples of Tyr
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For further updates for the guild please join the 

  This site doesn't get much use by our members and we are more likely to get regular attendance on Facebook.

WOWHead Link Support:  I have recently added support to the front news page and to the Forums for WOWHead tooltips to display.  Simply paste any wowhead link and turn it into a hyperlink and the tooltip will display with the item info.  Should prove to be helpful.  For an example, mouse over this:

Welcome Admins.  You know the drill.  New policies are posted that we will be holding our members to.  Please leave any objections or concerns in the officer discussion. 

Calling all Screenshot takers and Video makers

To the right, you will find a new Link for our album.  Everyone can upload to this link and view.  All images and videos can be upload, so if you have pictures of yourself, screenshots from the game, PVP or raid videos, all of them can be uploaded to this Link.

Raid Times:

Always Posted in MOTD.

Other Guild News

DOT takes the throne of Naxx.

Manaman/Blehh, Jun 6, 09 6:53 AM.
Good job all on the first DOT only downing of KT and Naxx.

Another Picture

Manaman/Blehh, Dec 31, 08 4:01 PM.

Disciples of Tyr are victorious against Sartharion

excrement, Dec 31, 08 1:42 PM.
I'd like congratulations to go out all around for our first downing of Sartharion in the Obsidian Sanctum.

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