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Where we do things better: We are a team that works to support each other. Doing any less is just not right. Member support is done on a “Cyclic Basis”; where, what you give – you get in return. This type of attitude will eventually get you into the Core Group membership we use. If you are not 21 or older please do not apply.

CONTRIBUTION is not a guild built on fulfilling your social addictions. This guild is about "Teamwork & Team Oriented Attitude" where playing the game is about learning each and every pull, practice every spell in your book because you will be expected to use them as well and having a chance to contribute your skills or perfect them in a team play environment without the drama of real life getting in the way; which is not welcome here at all (be forewarned). This guild is for people who focus on playing the game for what it was designed for and enjoy making a few friends along the way.

This is not a Hard-Core Raiding Guild, but we take raiding seriously.  We're a guild where you can get a chance to raid and run heroics that fits your busy life, schedule and level of commitment. After all we all have a real life to attend to sooner or later. Many of you just do not have the time to commit to such a long process of raiding, but would like the opportunity to still go there. In Contribution we are trying to reform the way people think about raiding so it is an open run as any 5-man has always been; minus the pugging hassles.

Many times your schedules precludes you even being able to run and our answer to this dilemma is Join our Heroics that we host daily; at least you will get awesome epics from the Heroic Bosses and even Badges you can turn in to keep you gear pace up with the hard-core players. This way you can join any raid when called upon without your gear being the deciding factor why you are declined. 

We encourage you to read our “ARTICLES to the left to get to know us better. You never know; you might find it home, but, do take note these articles called our creed are taken seriously and should not be just skimmed over. If you're the type who will not take the time to thoroughly read the creed or put-out to do so; "please close this web page now and move on!" This guild is not for people with juvenile behaviors and you would be surprised how many are still have juvenile behaviors up into their 40s. You will be expected to know this creed and be held accountable if you choose to become a Contribution guild member.

In life you have to put up with a long list of behaviors to basically exist in most social circles regardless if it's your family, friends, neighbors, church or even work; you are even required to have the same behaviors the group exhibits as a whole or the group doesn't choose you. The only problem with this fitting in concept is when the group has bad morals/ethics associated with it. All too often a person sells their soul, looses their principles and displays the bad morality traits required to fit in; sadly World of Warcraft Guilds are no exceptions to this fitting in rule: We must warn you this guild doesn't tolerate members with the behaviors listed below. Take time to review the small list before you decide to read the extensive creed and 411/Help section to the left, as well as apply to the guild; Know beforehand we will not waste a second in booting your ass out of this guild if you're on the list!  See video1   video2

          Dramafied Socialites (EMOS)                           Argumentative            Selfish

          Emotionally-Thin-Skinned (a wussy)               Racist                          Stingy

          Arguing about politics or religion                    Sexist                          Loot Hog

          Preaching your religion                                   A beggar                     Poor Sport

          Pandering to the opposite sex hoping to       Depressive or              Grammar or
          gain favoritism and special treatments          Whinny type                 Spelling Nazis

          Unable to maintain self-sufficiency                 Moody                          Hard-Headed   
          Looking for a "cliquish group" to join             Does not believe          "A user"
          or needs one as a habit to feel good   &nb
Join Our Raids    

Contribution is hosting an "OPEN RAID CALENDAR" where everyone can get a chance to raid on their time.

Have you not be able to raid because your guild does not raid, your schedules do not align for it,  or your guild standing/rating has not gotten you a position in the raid; fear not anymore.  You can Raid with us and still keep your old guild of friends and enemies.

Q.  Since you do not require me to be a member of your guild to go raiding with you; you must require something, right?

  • A. We do require you to have a good attitude, sense of fairness, able to be a team player in all aspects of it to include asking you to play a certain strategy and absolutely no drama.
  • You must read our Rules/Creed & 411 Help sections 1-9 to the left completely; you will understand why after doing so.
  • Apply as a "New User" at the top of this web page with your Malfurion Toon name you will be raiding with, uses Ventrilo to at least listen to the raid party.
  • Read the RAIDS + VIDEO Guides to the right and down lower on this web page so you will be prepared for anything.
  • Monitor your Email and sign up for the raid events down lower on this web page.
  • Most of all be sort of "thick skinned"; meaning not prone to easily react emotionally over someone‚Äôs comments or instructions.

Q.  Will I get used or be seen a regular raid team member?

  • A. No and yes; no you will not get used because you will be consider a raid team member just as any Guildy who is raiding: you are both equal in right, items drops and advancement within the raid team.  Raiding with us is about teamwork and strategy and not about Guildy favoritism. You want to raid and are responsible then we would love to have you join our raid team.

Q. I am in a raiding guild already; can I raid with you guys as well?

  • Sure you can; since the raid timers have you save to an instance there is no reason you cannot raid with us one week and your guild another. You do know that you are save to a raid team and cannot go with another team once you start a run in Kara until the timer is reset?
  • If your guild does not raid often enough, or you get the unlucky number 11 position out of a 10 man raid and want to raid anyways; sign the calendar; but be aware your attitude is the key to success with us.
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