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Bloodrayne2 (SuperAdmin) 7/17/2011 2:14 PM EST : Incarnate info

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If anyone runs across any detailed incarnate info please post it.  We have the alpha stuff here but am looking for the others.  I'd really like to know for instance, how much to hit debuff each hit does etc etc.  Also, any ideas or opinions on any of them.

Erzebet Alucard (Member) 7/17/2011 6:00 PM EST : RE: Incarnate info

Erzebet Alucard
Posts: 176

I can tell you that the movement debuff from Gravitic (I think that was it) is almost completely ineffective against the Mindwashed from the BAF trial.  I had my demon MM equipped with that and she wasn't even slowing them down.  I'm not sure how it works outside of that trial, as I think mindwashed are highly resistant to most slow effects.  Knockback works great on them, though.

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