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Sunburst (Member) 4/20/2009 5:47 PM EST : Cleopatra's Tomb Found?
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Well a article that appeared on the web with in the last couple days is talking about a archeologist who believes that he may have found the tomb of Mark Antony and cleopatra. Ground radar shows 3 possible locations around a 2000 year old Temple to Osiris and the artifacts they found already make the possibility more likely the temple does house the 2 lovers. Coins with Cleopatra's name on them, a peice of a mask that is believed to be of Mark Antony, and carvings of Cleopatra have all been found at the excavation of the temple. a graveyard has also been found around the emple with many skeletons and 1 mummies. A few of these even appear to be nobles and this suggests that there is most likely a significant person, probly royalty, buried in the temple. All these findings have lead the archeologists to believe it is Mark Antony and Cleopatra who are buried inside, and excavations at one of the 3 locations in a attempt to find the tomb will begin tuesday (tomorrow).

Here is the article:
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