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RenFuuma (Member) 5/2/2012 4:18 PM EST : Celestial Armor Notice

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Tier 9 VIP Reward - Celestial Armor Availability

As many of you have noticed, with issue 23, we'll be introducing a new Tier 9 VIP Reward - the Mecha Armor Costume Set. We hope you've got your tokens ready!

We wanted to make this clear - once the Mecha Armor goes live, the Celestial Armor will no longer be available as a VIP reward. Fear not, if you do miss out on the Celestial Armor, we'll eventually reintroduce it via another method at a later date.

The Cleansing (Member) 5/2/2012 7:58 PM EST : RE: Celestial Armor Notice
The Cleansing
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It's about time they live up to that limited time thingy.  Though, I still think it should be left up for players to earn as it is. 


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