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Forums : General Discussion > Server Transfer for CoX- not a hoax
Clouded- (Member) 7/19/2007 6:31 AM EST : RE: Server Transfer for CoX- not a hoax
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Sir Lionheart said:
Hmm, I wonder how the mechanics would work if you want to switch toons on 2 servers that are both filled?  I wonder if that would even work.  If it does, I assume it would be an automatic double charge...

Ah well, this should save some of my toons from the Red Button.  If my altitis can hold out that long, that is...

You would have to delete one toon to make room for the transfer, at this time there is no "swap" ability. However, this is still in the testing phase and I would imagine some changes to be made.

The Frost's Bite said:
 speedy tanker said:
Well, I just thought of something....Let's say you want to bring a toon from Liberty over to Freedom...Ok 10.00 but wait!! That name already exists on Freedom, so you have to change it....that'll be 10.00 please.....Anyway if that's how it's going to be 20.00 still is cheeper than any other game.
(SWG charged 30.00 and then charged 60.00 if you wanted to bring your stuff with you)

They said that you'd get an automatic free character rename if ur name was taken on your destination server.
In the 3rd paragraph I think.

Only after the transfer though. You cannot check the name before you transfer unless you manaully log on the server, you wish to transfer to, and send a dumby friend request or something.


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