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Forums : Media Central > A couple of notes about Loki
agent_titan (Member) 12/29/2006 4:30 PM EST : A couple of notes about Loki
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1. Ever wondered what would happened if Robin Williams and George Carlin had a love child with a cosmic being? 'nuff said there.

2. I've used Loki here once before in a first edition Mutants and Masterminds game that used alot of Real Life elements including the events of 9/11, the TV shows the "Dead Zone", "The 4400", and the movie/books of Stephen King (namely "It", "Dreamcatcher", "Storm of the Century") where he was basically a Energy/Energy Blaster with Flame Manipulation.

By the time of the "series finale", the truth about Loki still hadn't been found out because I kept it hidden that well that not only was he not human to start with but he was also not even from that dimension.

His pic base BTW was Ewan McGreggor's character from the movie "Transpotting", later Matthew Illiard's character from "SLC Punk" then Donny Lee's character "Crash Override" from the "Hackers" movies for reference.

3. Some of the material that Loki and Ares say is in fact borrowed from Kevin Smith's "Dogma". Why, because it fits

I hope this explains Loki some.
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