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Clouded- (Member) 12/11/2009 9:26 AM EST : Easy Set Recipe Earnings
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Hey Gang,

I know many of you dig IO Sets and are often looking for the best way to obtain influence and recipes, and I thought I would share my strategy that has netted me gobs on influence/infamy and many, many set recipes.

Mission Architect and tickets.

I solo a lot more now than I use to due to some RL changes, so I have established a routine for many of my solo characters.

1. Run normal content until salvage fills
2. Sell any unwanted recipes
3. Head to Mission Architect and run arcs until my time permits

I can usually squeeze in 2-3 shorter arcs which give me abut 1000-2000 tickets depending on my difficulty setting. Now here's where the money making scheme starts to make sense.

You have 3 options for reward rolls for Set Recipes: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each one costs a certain amount of tickets with Gold being the most expensive by far.

Gold contains your triple, quadruple and proc recipes for the most part.

Silver contains some triples and harder to obtain recipes.

Bronze contains common and some rare recipes.

I tend to steer clear of Gold and focus on silver and bronze to make influence. I also focus on the 30-34 and 35-39 recipe range to make sure I have a chance at sets that cap at 30, like Eradication and 40, like Miracle.

One level 30-34 Gold roll costs a whopping 3500 tickets...for ONE ROLL! Level 30-34 silver; 525 and bronze; 70!!!!!

That's right, you can roll 50 bronze recipes for 1 gold recipe of the same level. Of course, a chance for Gold can land you a Numina +Regen/+Recov but if you craft and sell just half of the 50 recipes you could get from'll be able to buy the recipe from the market.

Basically, I roll 1-2 silver chances depending on my overall tickets and then roll the rest bronze and I always stay in the 30-39 range for my rolls. You typically earn the same level recipe as your current level. So it you are level 50, yod' get leve 50 recipes unless they cap at 30 or 40, and then you'd get level 30 or 40 recipes.

Anyways, I hope this makes sense and I'd love to answer any questions.

tl;dr version:

1. run normal missions until salvage full
2. run AE missions for tickets
3. roll 30-39 silver and bronze recipes
4. craft
5. sell and profit

Bloodrayne2 (SuperAdmin) 12/11/2009 12:29 PM EST : RE: Easy Set Recipe Earnings

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Couple thoughts to add:  There is a slider at the contact vendor where you can set your receipe level for say 40 if you are level 50.  I tend to keep mine at 50 even tho as Clouded mentioned that eliminates the chance for some good ones like miracles etc but I prefer the good drops I do get to be at lev 50.  I mostly do silver but think I'll try some  bronze now after this post.  Gold is a waste to me.  I have noticed that good, and bad recipes tend to run in groupings.  I'll get 3-4 zingers in a row then starting getting scirrocos and posis. 

AE before the nerf was by far the best way to get influence, salvage or drops ever in the game.  It is still a good way.  I'd really like to see more sg grouped AE runs.  I'll always join one.

I do have a great mission number (Man I hope I can find the number), that you only move into a tunnel about two groups and 100 feet before you max on tickets but it requires a special team or can be a wipe situation.  It's full of the skll looking guys with the claws.  (Cheetahs?).  When farming AE missions I watch my ticket numbers until they hit 1200 then get glowy which gives you a bonus normally high enuf to max your ticks of 1500 per mis.

Clouded- (Member) 12/11/2009 4:21 PM EST : RE: Easy Set Recipe Earnings
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I don't even farm tickets. I just run random story arcs made by players and I'll come away with gobs of tickets.

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