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Forums : General Discussion > New AT's and powersets
Bloodrayne2 (SuperAdmin) 8/30/2011 3:20 AM EST : RE: New AT's and powersets

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Didnt see where I said that but if I did, i meant melee range holds, not melee ranged holds, meaning close up. 

Yuzureha (Member) 8/30/2011 9:37 AM EST : RE: New AT's and powersets
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Personally, I never understood the fascination with a bo staff.  My dad tried that once, the weapon is too long and has no cross gaurd, so I just shot the bokken down the length of the staff.  When he tried to crack me in the shoulder, he got caught up in my cross gaurd and I cracked him in the knuckles.  Fun stuff.  Still... some people can make it look good...

Personally, I prefer the good old fashioned greatsword.  A perfect set for a brute or a tank.  Never understood the fascination with that sissy french fencing.  Tell me again how fast and accurate you are with a tiny little 3 foot long epee... nice.  Let me show you what I can do with a full sized sword. Pretty much the same reach as a bo staff too for those measuring.

Note the excellent use of the cross gaurd. 

Now I'm not saying thats what a good set would look like in a game like CoH.  For a great sword I picture something along the lines of long sweeping blows.  So lots of cone and PBAoE, maybe with an effect that applies a low level kb to move them in to the next area of attack.  So lots of the attacks wouldn't even have targets.  Just the designated cone.  And have a single big follow up attack to smear all the baddies you've been scooping up with the sword.

Edit:  Also, I think it would be hysterical to make a 3 foot tall toon with a 5 foot long sword and have her sweep bad guys up in front of her.

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tundra.avenger (Member) 8/30/2011 10:18 AM EST : RE: New AT's and powersets

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I agree Blood, insect summoning would be awesome! Or, if there were just a "dark creatures" power and you could select from a group of creatures like insects for poison, spiders for holds, bats for dps, or scorpions for slashing/lethal dmg.

For the pure buffer/debuffer, I would like it to be a defender, controller, or corrupter that can manipulate probabilities. So, if a follow teammate buffs somebody, and then you throw a buff on them, then there's chance to max it or add a random positive buff. And, to give you some ability to solo, there should be chances for enemies' powers to be redirected at them or a neighbor w/ a percent bonus to dmg as well as a random debuff. I think what would make this the most fun (and equally infuriating) is if all of the buffs/debuffs were random (w/in a small set). So, if there was a power that would slow, blind, or -recharge, you could slot for what you wanted to increase it's odds, but it wouldn't be guaranteed. Also, if the enemies had buffs, I would like to invert them to changes for debuff of the buff go to the player and/or their group.  

Next, I would like to see a scrapper w/ psychic weapons (akin to Psylocke - I'm in love w/ her), so that you could pick a broad sword, katana, dagger, or spear and each one have different benefits. And, I would also like to see a blaster that is like Bishop, in that it can absorb and re-channel projectile attacks. I think seeing Dual Pistol in action (mine is still lvl 3 gold side) and seeing people swap bullets has caused me to believe that similar things can be done w/ other powers.

Also, and I hope this fits, but I would love to see a few new travel powers or greater customization w/ the travel powers. You know like phoenix fire flight, tornado flight (I still think that Red Tornado is the sickest super hero and by FAR surpasses Warlock), swinging (via gadget or something), tunneling (which was really fun in CO)*, or an nano-tech set w/ rollerblades (or something) in mish and mount (preferably motorcycle) out of the mish. I feel that Champions Online has a wider range of ways for gamers to create their vision of a superhero, and I wish there was a bit more in CoH (however, I still believe that CoH is the superior game).

PS - If I don't get a blaster w/ some sort of Storm Blast/Storm Summoning power I'm going to kick a small animals and children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Actually, there will probably just be a bit of pouting and whining.)

*I think all of these powers are currently available in CO*


Bloodrayne2 (SuperAdmin) 8/30/2011 1:55 PM EST : RE: New AT's and powersets

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A mage who wore a talsmen that could redirect a % of incoming attacks back to the caster would be fun.

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