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Bloodrayne2 (SuperAdmin) 4/27/2012 7:56 PM EST : RE: 8 year anniversary teaser

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-Rodney said:
I like the 3/4 Doomies and 4/5 pugs team idea.

I also think we should start all teams in Atlas, in our uniforms.  You never see an SG meetup like that where 8 players in the same uniform in one spot.  I've been on a lot of teams and I can say I don't ever remember seeing another SG that wears the uniforms on a team like we do.

I agree with all of this. 

As for broadcasting, I'm on the fence on this.  I don't mind saying it if we are running a cc but to just do it everywhere I'm against.  I'm open to opinions of if we had say, 8 or more in the square and broadcasted 2-3 times in a non spamming way over the course of say 10 mins there. 

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