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Hello there Guest,
Welcome to The Killer Carebears Website


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Take a look and let us know what you think.

If you are interested in joining our guild please check the recruitment bar above to see whether we have a spot for your class and spec and make sure to read through the Guild Info page.

News Archives
(read)Ultraxion was no match for 10 angry bears
(read)We kill big elementals too
(read)One big bug squashed
(read)Stormy night in the Eye, but the Bears prevailed!
(read)What's missing in the background? Oh it's Ragnaros! He fled when the bears paid him a visit!
(read)Poor Staghelm! First he got hit with a bat. Then ten angry bears tore him to shreds!
(read)Finally that bird got plucked
(read)Finally we got the screenie that proves that we can kill Shannox
(read)The spider queen is finally down. Well done
(read)The bears extinguish a very active volcano
(read)Baleroc bites the dust. Awesome job team!!
(read)Bears interrupt Bosses in Threesome Action
(read)Science is deadly
(read)Double Dragon
(read)Big worm gets hooked
(read)Halfus eats floor
(read)Argalath falls like a sack of potatoes
(read)Conclave of Wind
(read)It is over...
(read)The final attack
(read)Lower Spire cleared. Bring on the Plagueworks!
(read)We begin storming the Citadel
(read)Ulduar 10 cleared....again
(read)Its a year away, but just some advance warning
(read)Call out for mats
(read)'Trial' of the Champions
(read)Ulduar - its here........
(read)Naxx 25 Cleared
(read)Look what the cat dragged in...
(read)Completely full of my own self importance (again)
(read)Completely full of my own self importance
(read)Magtheridon Down
(read)Carebears on Parade
(read)Gruul's Lair Update - Gruul Down
(read)Gruul's Lair Update
(read)Gruul's Lair
(read)Coilfang Week
(read)the Bears in Zul'Aman
(read)The Bears in Kara - an update
(read)The Bears in Kara - an update
(read)Brief Pictorial Updates (with the smallest pictures in the world)
(read)It shouldn't happen to a Warlock
(read)Burning Crusade: The Movie
(read)Fel Horde won't know what has hit them
(read)War Bear News
(read)The Bears go to Kara
(read)Troo dat........
(read)TKC vs ZG
(read)TKC Vs The Fel Reaver
(read)TKC Clear Shadowlabs
(read)2nd Guild Meeting
(read)First Guild meeting
(read)T.K.C 3-Man Gnomeragen!
(read)First Guild Outing!
(read)Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

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