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Guild Description    

The Killer Carebears are a friendly raiding guild on the Anachronos server and we like to consider ourselves a big family. The loyalty, friendliness and helpfulness of our members is what we are most proud of. The unwritten motto of the guild has always been fun over everything else, while still managing to progress in raids and experiencing all the content we can.

Becoming a Killer Carebear    

Becoming a member of the Killer Carebears is a very simple process. All you have to do is to make an application via our recruitment forums. These guidelines are here to help steer you through the application process.

1. Before you complete the application form

It is STRONGLY ADVISED that you read through ALL of the information on this page before you submit your application form. This will give you a flavour of what our guild is like and help you decide if this is the guild for you.

2. Website access

Our website is hosted on Guildportal so if you wish to join our guild then the first step is opening a Guildportal account. Go to the Guildportal homepage and follow the instructions there to open an account. When choosing a username please choose the name of your toon, or something similar enough to avoid confusion.

Once you have an account, log in and return to our website, then click on the "Join The Killer Carebears" button above the navigation bar. Answer the short questions that follow and after completing this process you will be automatically granted public access to our website and be able to post on our recruitment forum.

3. The application process

Create a new post in the recruitment forums and answer the application form questions using the stickied format. Use the application form to give us a real flavour of who you are. We will want to be sure that you are going to fit in with the guild and our goals are the same as yours. Your application will then be reviewed by the officer team and once a decision is reached you will be informed of the outcome.

4. Trial period

Upon entering the guild you will be given the rank of Baby Bear. You will have this rank for the duration of your trial period, which is one month. While there are no hard and fast rules about how to pass your trial period we will be looking at your willingness to help out, your general attitude, how active you are both in the guild and on the forums, and your performance in our raids. Life as a Baby Bear can be a bit confusing so to help you navigate your way through guild life we have our resident Nanny Bear, whose job it is to look after new recruits.

5. Alts

You are welcome to bring any alts into the guild. Just let an officer know who you are when you are on your alt and it will be invited into the guild too.

6. Age limit

Please note that you need to be 18 or older to join The Killer Carebears, although we will consider applications from younger people (16/17) if particularly strong.

7. Social applications

If our guild appeals to you but you have no wish to raid you can make a social application. Social applications are processed in the same way as raiding applications, except that we do not look at level, gear, or class. Our only concern is whether you'd fit into social life in The Killer Carebears and contribute to our great atmosphere. If you wish to apply as a social member then please mark your application accordingly.

General Rules    

All members must follow a set of general rules to ensure you and others get the most out of the guild and The Killer Carebears remains a nice place for everyone.

1. Check the website, keep up to date

A lot of the information about the guild is posted on the website and on our forums and never reaches the guild in-game. Participating in the discussion is encouraged, but it isn’t a rule. However, keeping yourself up to date with all of the goings on within the guild is important if you want to get the most out of The Killer Carebears.

2. Play nice

A guild cannot function if its members are incapable of playing together without it descending into a drama fest. Therefore we expect you to treat your fellow Bears with respect. This includes things like;

• Not insulting or harrassing other players, either for in-game or RL reasons. If you do this once you will receive a warning and a nice chat about how to play nicely in guild. If it happens again, or if the first offence was totally out of line, then it may result in a swift kick from the guild.

• Declaring yourself to be the best in your class or group position (dps/healer/tank) over and above your guild mates is not generally viewed as acceptable behaviour. You may think that you are just speaking the truth but most people will think that you are just an arrogant twat. Friendly competition to get to the top of the dps/healing meters is fine, slapping your epeen about in guild/party chat isn’t.

• Do not charge a guildie for your crafting skills. We expect you to craft items for free if your guildmate has provided mats. If you are providing the mats though it is only reasonable to expect something in return.

If any dispute cannot be resolved privately and maturely between two players then an officer should be contacted to mediate between them and reach a satifactory solution. Officer intervention should only happen as a last resort though, we expect our members to be mature enough to sort these things out for themselves.

3. Never do anything to bring down the guild name

Members must never do anything that could make other players, who can clearly see your guild name floating above your head, think any less of The Killer Carebears. Examples of forbidden behaviour include but are not limited to, begging, ninja looting, trade scams and racist/sexist/homophobic language in any of the channels or on any of the official forums. Anyone reported for any of these things will be delivered a swift guild kick if the reports are found to be valid.

Similarly, although banter on the public channels can be fun, if you have been found to be annoying players with inappropriate yelling, annoying spam, etc. then we will have to have a little word with you about your public conduct.

4. Talking in guild chat

Firstly, the same rule as above – any racist/sexist/homophobic or any other form of offensive abuse used towards another guild member will result in a warning and a demotion and, if repeated or serious enough the first time, a kick.

On this note, there isn't a no-swearing policy in the guild.  If you are offended by foul language it is advised that you turn on the in-game profanity filter (though you might miss out on a big laugh).

Secondly, although using phrases like 'LF1M Tank GB' is common practice in the general channels, in guild chat it is just plain rude. Take the time to actually type a full sentence to your guildies and you might find them more receptive to your requests.

Finally, arguing with an officer either in guild, raid, party ./w or on the forums when a decision has been made will be frowned upon. Healthy discussion is welcome, and the officers are not dictators by no means, but if a definitive answer has been given to a specific question, then it is not your place to argue publicly about it or harass the officer involved. The Guild Management does its best to be fair and reasonable at all times and if we say 'no' it will be for a reason.

5. Applications Discussion

Applications to The Killer Carebears, whether declined or approved, and reasons for such, will only be revealed to the officers and the applicant, not general members of the guild, as it is between the officer team and the applicant only.

Raiding Rules    

The Killer Carebears raid on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, from 21:00 to 00:00, though we don't normally raid every single one of those days and may adapt the raid schedule to include other days or different times often as weekly circumstances change.

We have many members who like to raid often and do it well, but we do not expect hardcore attendance levels from our raiding roster. Many of us have busy lives and other interests and cannot always commit to frequent raiding. The main philosophy of The Killer Carebears approach to raids is flexibility and efficiency. We aim to be flexible in arranging our raids and efficient when running them.

The following guidelines should be followed by all raiding members of the guild to ensure a smooth raiding experience.

1. Download and install all required addons

Certain game addons are required for us to raid effectively. All members of the raiding team are required to have the most up to date version installed onto their machine before they can raid. More information on the required addons can be found on the Raid Info page.

2. Download and install Ventrilo

We use Ventrilo on our raids for better and faster communication. Details on our Ventrilo server are on the Raid Info page.

3. Check the Website Calendar

Sign ups to the raids are handled through the Guild Calendar on our website. Make sure to check it often to see what raids have been scheduled.

4. Be fully prepared for the raid

It is expected that your character will be fully prepared well before the start of the invites. By fully prepared we mean:

                a. You have the correct gear for the encounter and all items are repaired to 100% durability.
                b. You have all potions, flasks, bandages and reagents that you will require.
                c. You have the appropiate knowledge of the encounters we will be facing.

The Guild Vault normally has a decent supply of raiding consumables that can be taken as needed, however, the guild will not supply these as a rule. Thus, members should expect to provide their own healing pots, mana pots, buff pots, flasks, resistance pots, poisons, bandages, pet food, spell reagents etc.

The Guild Vault will supply Cauldrons and Feasts whenever possible however, but that depends entirely on supply.

5. Make sure that you have PVP toggled off before arriving at the instance site
For obvious reasons. The last thing that people want to do is to wait for you inside the instance when you are repeatedly getting your ass handed to you outside.

6. Be a good little raider when inside the instance

Please use common sense when raiding and everything should turn out ok. Here are just a few of the dos and (mainly) don'ts in regards to raid behaviour.

  • Always listen to and comply with the Raid Leader's instructions and requests.
  • Do not go AFK without first checking that it is okay with the Raid Leader and then ensure that you put yourself on follow with a caster or healer who knows you are following them.
  • Do not go AFK prior to boss fights and during tactical briefings.
  • Know when it is ok to chat and use emotes, and when not. If in doubt, stay silent.
  • Do not stand in the fire!
7. Know the loot system

The Raid Leader will have master loot enabled during the instance and all Raid Loot will be distributed in line with the EPGP loot system.
More information on the loot system can be found on the Raid Info page.

Guild Ranks    

These are all the ranks in The Killer Carebears, from lowest to highest, along with some info pertaining to each rank.

1. Hibernation

A rank for people who have left WoW for a while but wish to remain in the guild in case they return. Also for people who have been hacked and need to be put into hibernation until their account is restored and secured.

2. Baby Bear

A rank for members on their one month trial period.

3. Care Bear

A rank for social members and alts. If an alt, the public note will specify it as such and list the person whose alt it is.

4. War Bear

A rank for main raiding members.

5. Big Bear

A rank for officers without an authenticator and the alts of officers.

6. Elder Bear

A rank for officers with an authenticator.

7. Mama Bear

The Guildmistress

Other Stuff    

1. Applying to other guilds

We expect a level of loyalty within the guild. We hope that if you are a Bear then you are one to the bone. If we find that you are applying to another guild and have not had the courtesy to inform us you will be dismissed from the guild.

If you left the Bears for another guild and found that the grass was not so green on the other side after all and wish to come back to the Bears then you will have to go through the application procedure again. You will also be asked to give reasons why you want back into the guild and also why we should take you now that your loyalty to the guild has been compromised.  You only get one shot, so if you leave to join another guild again you will not be permitted re-entry back into the guild should you wish to return again.

Please also note that if you leave the guild with your main then we will remove your alts from the guild also.

2. Going away from the game

If you are going to be absent from the game for a prolonged period (holiday, work etc) then we would ask you to post a message on the forums letting us know.

If you are a Baby Bear and go missing for 2 weeks without notifying us in advance then you will be removed from the guild.

If you are Care Bear rank or above and go missing for 2 months without notifying us in advance then you will be removed from the guild.

Any alts that have not been logged for 2 months will also be kicked.

3.  Guild Bank

Access to the Guild Bank is forbidden to Baby Bears and those in Hibernation, but open to all other ranks with varying restrictions. Guild Repair is available for everyone War Bear rank and above.

Epic BoE items that noone in a raid wants will be placed in the guild bank.

  • Warbears will have 3 weeks from the time the item hits the guild bank to claim it for either their mainspec or offspec. Gearpoints will be allocated for the item as usual.
  • Should no main claim it within the 3 weeks, the item will now be available purchase for one of your alts. The currency will be hard goldcash only, and the price will be roughly 1/3 of the auction house price at the time. A post on the forum will alert you when an item is available for alts.
  • If noone wants to buy the item for alts, it will eventually be put on AH. If it can't be sold it will be disenchanted.
If you want to buy an item for your alt, contact the Papa Bear.

4. Fruit

When it comes to the application question 'What is your favourite fruit?' under no circumstances list your favourite fruit, or any fruit in fact.  Your answer to this question should be any word (apart from fruit) that begins with the first letter of your character name. For example, my character's name is Melidian, so I could put 'Mould', 'Magpies' or 'Mud'.  But not fruit.  Under no circumstances fruit.
So-and-so has logged on!