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Certain game addons are required for us to raid effectively. All members of the raiding team are required to have the most up to date version installed onto their machine before they can raid.

Mandatory Addons

Deadly Boss Mods provides essential help when fighting bosses.

A threat meter is also important to avoid those embarrassing moments when you overaggro, get squished and have everyone else point and laugh at you. Omen Threat Meter is the most commonly used.

GTFO to keep you out of nasty stuff.

Recommended Addons

EPGP (dkp reloaded) is used by Raid Leaders to manage the EPGP loot system. Regular members are not required to install it but it is highly recommended that you do as it is the only way you will be able to see the priority list for the guild and find out where you are on it. If you choose not to install the addon, do not irritate officers or any other members by asking them to check the list for you.

For classes that have dispelling, decursing, disease cleansing or poison removal abilities, an addon to make using these skills faster and easier is indispensable. There are plenty of addons out there that provide such functionality, ranging from complete UI overhauls to simpler addons. One of the simplest and most effective is Decursive.

The Killer Carebears use Ventrilo for voice communication during raids or just to chat with fellow members at any time. Our current Vent Server details are as follows;

Hostname -
Port Number - 4053

The password can be found ingame in the Guild Info section on the Guild Tab.

What is EPGP?

EPGP stands for Effort Points/Gear Points. Raiders gain Effort Points for participating in raids and accomplishing various goals, and gain Gear Points whenever they win an item during a raid. Priority Rating (PR) is calculated by dividing a raiders Effort Points by their Gear Points (EP ÷ GP = PR).

Priority Rating is what determines whether you win an item or not. If several people wish to claim an item that has dropped during a raid, simply put, the person with the highest PR will be awarded the item. No rolls and no bids required. That person will then be awarded GP respective to the item he has just won. More powerful items (e.g weapons, chest pieces) will award more GP than others.

The way this system works, the more Effort Points you gain, the better chance you'll have to get loot, but the more loot you win, the higher your GP will get and the more difficult it will be for you to to gain further loot.

Minimum EP

Another factor that affects the EPGP system is minimum EP.

Minimum EP is basically an attendance check and a road block for new members to reach a point after which they can need on loot. Our guild has a minimum EP of 15000, so until a raider has reached 15000 EP he will have in effect lower PR than anyone above 15000 EP, even if the result of dividing his EP by his GP produces a higher PR.


In order to award recent effort more than past effort, which in effect avoids PR hoarding for veterans and enables new as well as dedicated members of a guild to be awarded properly, EPGP supports a decay mechanism. Every Wednesday, 10% of everyones EP and GP will be removed from the totals, effectively leaving PR unchanged.

EP Awards

The Killer Carebears awards EP during raids as follows;

Being on time for the raid - 1000 EP
Every 20 minutes raiding - 500 EP

Guild First Boss Kill - 5000 EP
Boss Kill - 2000 EP

Wipe on a new boss (excluding silly wipes that don't deserve to be rewarded) - 400 EP
Guild First Heroic Boss Kill - 10000 EP
Heroic Boss Kill - 4000 EP

Staying until the end of the raid - 1000 EP

EP may also be deducted for various reasons and is up to the discretion of the Raid Leader.

GP Values

The GP values of all items is shown on each item in-game if you have the EPGP addon installed. Some items have two GP values however, and this is explained here.

Ranged Weapons - When a ranged weapon is awarded to a Hunter, the higher value is used. For all other classes the lower value is used.

Two-handed Weapons - When a two-handed weapon is awarded to a Hunter, the lower value is used. When it is awarded to a Fury Warrior who intends to use it as an off-hand, the lower value is used. All other classes and if intended for a Fury Warrior's main hand, use the higher value.

One-handed Weapons - If awarded to a hunter, the lower value is used, no matter if the Hunter intends to use it as a main hand or off hand. If awarded to a tank, the lower value is used. If awarded to dual-wielding melee classes, the higher value is used for the main hand, and the lower value for the off hand.

Shield - If its a tanking shield, the higher GP value is used. If its a caster shield the lower GP value is used.
Loot Permissions and Ranks    
In addition to the EPGP system, the way The Killer Carebears awards loot is governed by several rules.

Guild Ranks

Every raider in the guild is required to choose a main character and main spec, and that main is then granted the War Bear rank.

War Bears have priority on loot for their main spec at all times over alts, social members, and off specs of other War Bears. If no War Bear wants a loot drop for their main spec only then can alts, social members and off specs attempt to claim the item. This will be settled with a simple /roll between all interested parties. In summary the priority is as follows:

Warbear mainspec > Warbear offspec > Alts > Warbears (if the item has a "wrong" stat that need to be reforged) > DE (guildbank if the item is BoE)

Alts will be awarded EP as normal that contribute towards that person's main's total, but social members are not awarded EP at all.

Alts will be allowed to roll on BoE items. The priority above applies to BoE items as well as BoP items though.

Armor Types

Raiders are only able to claim items that are the appropiate armor type for their character (e.g Druids = Leather, Shamans = Mail, Paladins = Plate). With the buffs now granted to every class for wearing their appropiate armor type and nothing else, it is unlikely that anyone should want to contravene this rule anyway.

Item Stats and Priorities

Certain stats are only beneficial for certain classes, and as such certain classes will not be allowed to attempt to claim an item that is not meant for them. On a similar note, certain items are of much higher importance to some classes than to others, even though they can all benefit from said items. As such, the class who derives a much higher benefit from such items will be given priority.

These are all the examples of the above rule;

Items with Spirit - Spirit is a healer only stat and thus only healers will be allowed to roll on items with Spirit. There are only three exceptions to this rule, Shadow Priests, Balance Druids and Elemental Shamans, as all three classes have talents that convert Spirit to Hit, thereby making Spirit a valuable stat for them. Healers have priority over the three mentioned DPS classes though.

Items with Hit Rating - Hit Rating is of no value whatsoever to healers and as such they will not be allowed to roll on gear with that stat.

Guns and Bows - Guns and bows are a Hunter's main source of damage and as such Hunters get priority over all other classes for these items. Warriors also have priority over Rogues for these items (see below). This rule is of course dependant on the stats on the item, as hunters have no use for strength for example.

Throwing Weapons - Throwing weapons are of especially great value to rogues as it is the only ranged weapon that allows them to use their AOE and Deadly Throw. Rogues therefore get priority over all other classes for these items.

Melee Weapons - Melee weapons are the main source of damage for all melee classes, so melee classes therefore have priority over Hunters for melee weapons.

Trinkets with Procs - Many trinkets in the game have a main stat which is useful for many classes, but a proc which is more specific. In all cases of such trinkets only classes which can benefit from all of what the trinket has to offer will be allowed to claim it. For example a trinket with 400 Intellect but a proc that increases Spirit is a healer only item (not counting the above mentioned exceptions, Shadow Priest, Balance Druid, and Elemental Shaman).
The Loot Process    
The Loot Process in a nutshell

  1. Boss dies, he drops lovely items.
  2. Raid Leader links an item in raid chat and asks if anyone wants it.
  3. Raiders who want the item declare their interest in it.
  4. The Raid Leader checks their ranks, class and spec and determines if they are eligible for claiming the item.
  5. If eligible, the Raid Leader checks the PR list and awards the item to the person highest on the list.
  6. The winner has the GP value of the item added to his own GP value.
  7. Raid Continues.
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