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Welcome to our New Additions!
Jul 16, 07 9:39 PM
New Forums in the...Forums!
Jul 11, 07 12:00 PM
Guild House Complete!
Jun 16, 07 7:00 AM
Numerous Changes Ahead!
Jun 15, 07 12:24 PM
First to Loot!
May 25, 07 11:43 PM
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Welcome guild members! Keep an eye out for updates, and be sure to check out the forums!

Vent info can now be found under the Information header to the left, you must be a member to see this information!

-Victus (icarter)


Welcome to our New Additions!

538912560_Inactive, Jul 16, 07 9:39 PM.
Let's all be sure to give a warm welcome to the batch of new members that joined us from the guild Dragon Reborn!

Many of their finest have joined our ranks, in a move that will surely prove to be beneficial to all of us!

Stay tuned for other news as it happens!


New Forums in the...Forums!

538912560_Inactive, Jul 11, 07 12:00 PM.
Hey everyone, just a quick update here, if you take a look at the Forums, you'll see that there are some new places for you to post in. Check it out!

Keep an eye out here for more Guild News as it happens.

Good Hunting!


Guild House Complete!

538912560_Inactive, Jun 16, 07 7:00 AM.
Late last night, our Guild House was completed! You will find it on an island north of the main Kojani continent, and it is but a stones throw from the riftway point at Magi Hold. Many thanks once again to Youralis for providing all the needed material for building our house! And don't forget, you can now recall to our new headquarters.


Numerous Changes Ahead!

538912560_Inactive, Jun 15, 07 12:24 PM.
Swift Wings of Death will be going through some changes in the near future. Many of these changes will be taking place in the coming days and weeks, so check back often!

In other news, we have bought a plot of land on Kojan, and we will have a Guild House soon. Many thanks to our fine crafter Youralis, who will be doing a vast majority of work on our house.

As always, have fun!

First to Loot!

538912560_Inactive, May 25, 07 11:43 PM.
While out in the deserts of Qalia Friday night, members of Swift Wings of Death looted the Sandstained Plate Chest!

This was the first time it has been seen on Flamehammer, and we should all be proud of this discovery! Keep up the good work!
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