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Azeroth's Resistance_inactive is currently recruiting the following:
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Death Knight
Blood (100)
Frost (100)
Unholy (100)
Balance (100)
Feral (100)
Restoration (100)
Beast Masters (100)
Marksmanship (100)
Survivalists (100)
Arcane (100)
Fire (100)
Frost (100)
Holy (100)
Protection (100)
Retribution (100)
Discipline (100)
Holy (100)
Shadow (100)
Assassination (100)
Combat (100)
Subtlety (100)
Elemental (100)
Enhancement (100)
Restoration (100)
Affliction (100)
Demonology (100)
Destruction (100)
Arms (100)
Fury (100)
Protection (100)
Welcome to the Azeroths Resistance Website!

"Azeroths Resistance" has merged into "Get Wrecked" (previously known as "Gate to Hell".  Check out first sticky in forums for more info   -- Thev   22 Jun 09

Azeroths Resistance is a World of Warcraft Alliance guild on the Gorefiend server.  It is intended as a 'fun' guild, where friendship, camraderie and helping is more important than power leveling. 

Please register yourself and character.  If you use a username other than your main characters name, please include your characters name(s) in your signature. If asked for info to register you don't want to provide, make something up.

If you would like, guild members may request a free 1 Gold grant (gift) in the Guild Info and Programs folder of the forum.

Check out the forum threads regarding the recent rank restructure which created class leaders and assistant class leaders, for information on ranks, permissions, the vault etc.  Please also read our code of conduct in the forums threads.  Both are in the first folder on guild programs, the top stickied messages.

- Thev 
Other Guild News

***HOT*** Azeroths Resistance has merged into Get Wrecked

Thev Shadowfist, Jun 22, 09 9:08 PM.
Azeroths Resistance has merged into the guild Get Wrecked (previously known as Gate to Hell), led by Mcsilver.  All AR members, of all levels welcome there.  for more info, check out the sticky in the first forum folder.    -- Thev    22 Jun 09

Winners of 1st Guild PvP Day!

Thev Shadowfist, May 17, 09 7:41 AM.
The winners of the 1st guild PvP Day, 16 May 09, are as follows:

1st:  Iamblu, 80 Night Elf Rogue, Assassination spec'd 41/0/30, 23622 honor

2nd: Atomicbob, 80 Dwarven Hunter, Survival spec'd 0/20/51, 16720 honor

3rd: Thev, 80 Human Warlock, Affliction spec'd 54/17/0, 14597 honor

Congratulations to all, winning guild bragging rights til next PvP day.

For background, the event asked guildmembers to mail Thev the number of honor points they received during 16 May 09, 00:00-11:59 server time, from any means other than saved honor (no commendations or marks turn-ins). 

I plan to seek screen shots of the winners for posting on the webpage Image Gallery, so keep an eye out.  Thought I could get them from armory, but that listing does not include a photo/portrait.  -- Thev
Game News
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