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Guild Dues
The following dues are now required within the guild.

At level 70 - 10g must be deposited into the Guild Vault
At level 60 - 5g must be deposited into the Guild Vault

As of right now, this is a one time deposit.

Failure to deposit your dues will result in demotion of rank and banking priviledges.

GuildPortal News

Game News

Welcome to the Cyberwocky Guild!

Cyberwocky is a small guild working toward being able to do raids and end-game dungeons.  Our guild was originally formed by the Owners, Employees, Customers, Friends, and Family of the real life Cyberwocky!

We pride ourselves on the integrity of our guild members.  As a member of the Cyberwocky guild there is a Standard of Conduct that all members are expected to uphold.

1.  Play with honor
2.  Be honest
3.  Help your fellow guild members
4.  Be true to your character class
5.  Never beg to those outside of the guild - EVER!

Every member of Cyberwocky has the ability to add new members.  If you are interested in joining, just ask!

Wispen, Guild Master

Screen Shot of the Week

Submit your Screenshots!!! 
Send them to Caye (Wispen) at and we will get them uploaded to the site.

Every Sunday we will select a screenshot to showcase on the home page.

There are no upcoming events.


Guild Alliances

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