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New Alliance

teemuvittu, Oct 25, 07 5:01 PM.
Here's the /as chat rules.

1: we agree call outs on /as for crafter for hire or needed okay once every hour"

2: using /as for selling or wanting to buy items is okay. Please keep in mind you can use merchants to look for items also.(encouraged) Please keep WTT/WTB to a minimum you can only ask every 60 minutes. Also use the web page forums for want to buy or want to sell.

3: Looking for group is a necessity in RVR/PVE/ML’S be courteous to alliance members and throw them an invite.
Note: If someone is leading an event no arguing or cursing at leader they are here to help us . Also abide by there Lotto rules if there are any

4: No arguing or cursing in /as period!!! I don’t want my kids or your kids seeing them please.

5: Keep/Tower defense If you own a tower and there is death Spam please call it out in /as so the alliance can decide to defend or not. Please call out numbers also if possible.

6: No talking about other games except Dark age of Camelot in /as
There are no upcoming events.
There are no allied guilds.
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