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Trophies List
Jun 3, 07 10:47 AM
A Bit about us
Jun 1, 07 5:14 AM
Site Upgraded
Jun 1, 07 4:51 AM
Jun 1, 07 4:16 AM
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Greetings and Salutations
 The fates have seen fit to bring together a band of warriors imbued with Honor,Empathy,and Might. Behold the
                                  KNIGHTS DRACONIS!

Trophies List

538927425_Inactive, Jun 3, 07 10:47 AM.
Okay as Promised I located the Crafting Mastery Items now you know what to sell and what to keep and above all what to trade to your kin! Here it is the Craft Mastery Trophies.

A Bit about us

538927425_Inactive, Jun 1, 07 5:14 AM.
Experienced Kinship founded by friends with ties that go back 10 years. Minimum Level for Membership is 20 Minimum Age 19+ all new members require 1 month probation. Our day to day play is casual with 1 Newbie day and  2 to 3 PVP/Raid Groups per week. (That's the Goal for me) Participation not mandatory but if you miss gatherings don't expect favors.  We are Friendly you get along or you can get out. We also do not charge any kin for goods above cost.

Your Leaders are Emrys Totalus and Vennet in no particular order we are equal in measure and respect of one another,

From time to time you may see Leadership Rotation Between the Knights Templar or (The Trio Founders) This is not to be seen as a Sign of Leadership weakness but we do respect that real life happens and to ensure that leadership remains strong and always available we will rotate the powers as needed to best benefits the guild.

Please also understand that this is not a democratic Government or a people run Kinship those that lead have a deep trust in one another if you where blessed with officer it means you have been entrusted to recruit and understand the terms of recruitment. Your Officership does not grant you the privilege to set policy.

We are glad to listen to concerns we would be a terrible leadership if we refused to reason but Founder decisions when finalized should be respected whether you like them or not you are always welcome to leave for whatever reason and we will respect that your business is your own and not pry into reasons of why.

We hope in the end to gain your trust and a long term relationship with each of our members, We are not looking for members we are building a network of friends,
I am sure the others may have more but that's how I'd like to start in.

Site Upgraded

538927425_Inactive, Jun 1, 07 4:51 AM.
We have a full Premium Guild Portal now. Please make the best use of my 50 bucks! The Sub domain the system posted about does not seem to work from my PC yet so we will need to monitor this issue.

We have howver registered with a fully qualified domain on the side and pointed it here. Next time somone asks for our site URL please give them WWW.KNIGHTSDRACONIS.COM


System, Jun 1, 07 4:16 AM.
KNIGHTS DRACONIS has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

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