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Justice Core
Arachnos plans
Sep 16, 07 6:17 PM
History Page added
Sep 16, 07 5:48 PM
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Welcome to the Justice Core website!we are a supergroup commited to Portection Paragon City.we are Looking for active heroes to save our City from all threats of Paragon City.We must Unite to protect the city from all evil.It's time for you to make a difference. Join Justice Core the sg of a new age of Heroes.

Arachnos plans

538533563_Inactive, Sep 16, 07 6:17 PM.
added a new story

History Page added

538533563_Inactive, Sep 16, 07 5:48 PM.
I have made the History page room.In the History Page Room i'll put all our events storylines and big missions basicly Role Play stories/ingame mission stories.Check it out
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