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Event: The Thirsty Mummy 6/9/2012 10:00 PM EST

Starting 6/9/2012 10:00 PM EST Import to Outlook/iMail
Ending 6/10/2012 3:00 AM
Host oO Alyiah Oo
Invited This is a public event.
Attendance Your attendance to this event is rated as totally optional.
Location Starts in Maj'Dul
Other Details
The Thirsty Mummy is a tavern owned by the Coterie of Thorns and run by the Sha`Itar family. Located in the heart of Maj`Dul, this tavern boasts an exotic blend of drinks in an environment you won't find anywhere else. Come for the drinks, stay for the entertainment. But beware -security is not meant to interfere with personal quarrels, merely to be sure that none of our staff run into any problems. If you run your mouth, don't expect one of our bouncers to step in. If you run your mouth to staff, don't expect them to suck it up. If you dish it, be prepared to take it.

Just as in our fair city, you are allowed to carry your weapons and settle any grievances you may have. There are no rules here.
Shared Event from The Town Square
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