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Insanity Later Downs Nightbane!
Mar 18, 08 1:12 AM
Insanity Later is Taking on Azuregos!
Feb 26, 08 5:00 AM
Upcoming ZG Raid
Feb 16, 08 4:48 PM
Naked Gnome Race Success!
Feb 10, 08 12:59 AM
Prince Downed!
Jan 27, 08 9:42 PM


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Insanity Later Downs Nightbane!

Lathere, Mar 18, 08 1:12 AM.
Thank you Might Rinnum God of Nightbane for taking the time to finish the attunement.  After a couple of attempts we downed him no problems!

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Insanity Later is Taking on Azuregos!

Lathere, Feb 26, 08 5:00 AM.
Are you keen to have fun and do something different? Well Insanity Later is trekking to Ashzara to kill a world dragon Azuregos!  More details coming soon!

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Upcoming ZG Raid

Lathere, Feb 16, 08 4:48 PM.
Insanity Later is running a fun ZG raid for any of our members level 60+ who are interested in learning about end game raiding and also want to have fun with fellow guildies.

This will be a great learning experience in a low pressure fun environment :)

There are 20 places and I really hope to see many of you participating!

When: Saturday 23/02/2008
Time: 12:30pm ST
Meeting Place: Darkshire, Duskwood

Please install all the required raid mods before coming!  This is so you can start getting used to threat, boss fights and more. 

Absolutely against mods? Omen is a must you cannot do raids and end game content without a threat metre.  If you are really against mods, please just install Omen and skip the others.

Please ensure you have ingame sound switched on! If you don't feel comfortable talking thats ok but you must be able to hear the raid leaders.

Naked Gnome Race Success!

Lathere, Feb 10, 08 12:59 AM.
The guild naked gnome race was a big success!

Competition Winners:

1st Biccusdiccus (aka Fluux)
2nd Runforestrun (aka Meretheory)
3rd Minilath (aka Lathere)

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Prince Downed!

Lathere, Jan 27, 08 9:42 PM.
Gratz Mandris on the T4 Helm and Balthis on Sunfury!

This is a great effort everyone!!!!

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