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Valmar and the Giant Slayers!

Garoen, Nov 30, 05 3:56 PM.

So what do you do when you have a guild full of people LFG and nothing planned? Easy you get together and do something fun and exciting. This time it was killing Lord Neffiken for Valmar's Epic 1.0 skip quest as well as a few PoStrorms quest peices for a few others. Here is a photo of Valmar and the Giant Slayers.

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Epics Galore

Enyani, Nov 20, 05 6:40 AM.
The Happy Travelers had an amazing guild event night last Thursday, taking out Ragefire with ease for Happiet's epic. We followed that up with the successful destruction of Kragsmash for Kastle's 1.5 leaving him with only two fights to go to complete his epic. We then attempted to take out Neffiken in Plane of Storms for Valmar's 1.0 skip quest, but completely forgot about his little tree friends. Oops. No worries, we will come back for you Neffiken!

A very belated congrats as well to Fgurorf and Zeriah for completing the beastlord 1.0 epic. Way to go guys!

Enyani completes Epic 1.5!

Garoen, Nov 16, 05 3:18 PM.
I don't have a phote, but I hear that sheild of her's has already saved her rear a few times. Grats too you! You are a cleric that all other clerics envy to be like. (Well at least Happiet does /shrug).

Congrats Danine!

Enyani, Nov 8, 05 3:14 PM.
Congrats Dan on completing his Epic. Way to go!

Bertox Down! Rydar'Dar Down! Plane of Sky is Ours!

Garoen, Oct 16, 05 2:10 PM.
Somebody Call 9-1-1. We sure have been busy lately. First Happy Travelers and the OoG had their first kill of Bertoxxulous. Here is a group photo. (Also in attendance but not pictured were Valmar and Kotys)

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Next on the list was the Mob that many people say is the toughest pre elemental mob in PoP Progression, Rydar'Dar. I wasn't there for this dragon slaying but I hear we made short work of this monster. It is hard to believe that OoG is only 7 mobs away from being Elemental Flagged. OoG will be doing some backflagging runs this month and we wont leave anyone who wants to go behind. For more info on the backflagging talk to Me, Kastle or Rianneth.

Where you there for Danine's FIRST raid. He led us crazy Travelers in a Guild only event to the Plane of Sky. There were a lot of firsts to be had in this raid, Myzeri did her FIRST summons! Zeneca was the FIRST to fall off the island (Who else thinks this was her strategic way to avoid the wipe??). This was a very fun raid, but I dont think the question was ever answered...Does Happiet's Bum Wiggle, Jiggle, or Giggle?

Happy Travelers Support the True Loreseekers

Here are a few other images I have had taking up space...

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