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Welcome to Mirkwood Might - The Friendly Kinship

Stability is key to any succesfull kinship, so welcome to Mirkwood Might, one of the oldest and friendliest kin's on Mirkwood. My names Arandilir or Aran to my friends, and am the founder of this lovely kin. To be honest we have gone through many changes, but today I want to welcome Sarian as the leader.... She is a shining light and we aim to keep on with our friendly atmosphere.

Indeed one of the oldest Kinships on Eldar.... and thanks to all who have supported me over the last 10 months... heres to the next 10 months.....

Since the dawn of time....or to be more specific since April 07, Mirkwood Might has valiantly fought on the frontlines of battle, protecting the Shire, keeping the walls of Bree safe from foes, assisting the heavily burdened Rangers of Esteldin, and bringing fierce war to the many enemies of Angmar. Our strongest warriors have taken the fight to the Ettenmoors, often mercilously defeating (or rather being wiped by) the gathered forces that keep even our most fearless of men, staring in horror.

Now, for the first time since it's creation, Mirkwood Might is actively seeking new recruits to boost our ranks.

As of this week our entire structure has undergone many changes. With the addition of new members we have actively begun regular Carn Dum, Barad Gul, and Sarnur groups, we have began teaming up with the valiant members of the Lore Breakers for some fun filled Rift raids and are looking at dong our first Kin Helegrod raid in the near future.

Our kinship bank recently opened, managed by two officers to gurantee any investment you make is kept safe. Along with with regular games nights, involving long distance races, naked sparring with low level weapons, tag, and dance and music competition, we have now began regular role-play nights for those interested. These feature many twists and turns and encourage the teamwork that we would just love you to be a part of.

Among other things we also have a creep kin for those who like to challenge their wits and see the Free People's in a different light. We're currently aiming to recruit some more etten loving freeps and creeps to begin some battles between the two.

With GM's of every craft, to keep you dealing the best damage you can, and a kin house that we have spent much time bringing up to health advisors standards (long story), we hope to offer you, everything you seek in a kinship. If you're here... why not join... just create a log in at the top......

For an inv to a kin that respects it's members above all else, then feel free to send an in-game tell to myself (Sarian), Arandilir, Felarion, Lavender, Elodin, Eorlwulf, Eothian, Grieved or Marhywen.

you can email the guild officers here, or you can send an email to

Please create an account here. Once done, please go to the "Roster" page and enter all your character names, classes, races, etc. Also, remember to go to the "Calendar" page and adjust the time for your time zone. This is important as the Kinship web site will adjust for each players time zone.

Thanks once again....

Arandilir (& Sarian for the text....)
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