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Welcome to the Templars of Bahamut

Bahamut is a diety embodied as a Platinum Dragon. Bahamut is stern and disapproving of evil. He brooks no excuse for evil acts. In spite of this, he is among the most compassionate beings in the multiverse. He has limitless empathy for the downtrodden, the dispossessed, and the helpless. He urges his followers to promote the cause of good, but prefers to let beings fight their own battles when they can. To Bahamut, it is better to offer information, healing, or a (temporary) safe refuge rather than to take others' burdens upon oneself. Bahamut is served by [up to] seven Great Gold Wyrms that often accompany him. (portions of the text on this page come from the "Draconomicon", published by Wizards of the Coast, inc.)

Why join a guild

Quests - much easier to accomplish in groups of two or more and depending on your partner much more fun.  Find someone in your guild near your level and quest together.

Components - pool all your resources for skill, you a professional flower picker?  Help out your guild alchemists, they can in turn help you by creating potions for you.

Buy from your guild - Only use the AH to sell or buy items your felllow guild members can't make or procure for you, it will save you gold in the long run

Add a new channel to talk to the members of Baci, Backlash and Guardians of the Force - on the social tab- chat- add new channel - add "allies" to talk and respond to comment you will need to type / and # assigned to the channel

Guild officers - please also add "alliedguilds"

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