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Vent still alive

Dugen, Jul 27, 09 12:33 PM.
I kept the vent server alive. It's now a 20 slot server instead of 50 but it's still there. If you are getting hostname lookup failures it's probably because you were using that won't work anymore (The domain is expired.) works as does


Letter from a former Guild Master

Dugen, May 5, 09 3:30 AM.
Dear members of Maul Rats, Koopa Troopas, Bad Karma and/or Calamitous Intent.

It's with a heavy heart that I close the doors on my time as your GM.  It's been the highest of honors to be allowed to lead you, some of you for over 3 years.  We came a long way in that time and it's been a privilege to be able to say I was your Guild Master.  Unfortunately, my goals right now are to cut down on the amount of time I play WoW and with Ando, Bell and Irving all leaving and Rammbo getting burnt out there just isn't enough admin energy left in the guild to make it work.  Looking towards the next few months we had a steep hill to climb with tons of recruiting and re-building the guild and this time I would have a lot less help than previous times.  My wife has been very gracious and supportive as I've pushed hard at times over the years but with two kids and a really hard push in front of me, I just can't ask her to do that again.  Instead of doing a half-assed job and having you all slowly grow to hate the guild I decided to end it on a relatively strong note and suggest you all head out for greener pastures while we still have something of a good name and mostly all like each other.  I know this may seem sudden but I can't see a better way to move forward. 

I have to admit, during my time as GM I bet I've forgotten more guild members than I've remembered but if you are reading this, you aren't one of them.  I hope you all know how deeply rewarding this experience has been for me.  I have learned and grown in more ways than I could have imagined.  You have shared a large piece of your life with me and let me share mine with you and I appreciate that greatly.  I have no doubt that unfortunately, I'll see less of you guys in the coming months and it makes me sad.  I hope that in some way I have enriched all your lives as you have mine and I hope to keep in touch.

PS.  Since most of you know me simply as Dugen, I'll throw out that my real name is Eric Garland and I live in Bow NH.  You can email me at as dugen and I'll get it.  I'm also koopasbrew on AIM.

Also, The vent server is paid through July 26th so it will work until then.  The web site will probably slip into add-supported limited functionality mode soon but that shouldn't be a big deal.


Calling it quits

Dugen, May 2, 09 10:08 PM.
CI is calling it quits for raiding. 


Ulduar Bosses are Piling up!

Rammbo, Apr 19, 09 5:02 PM.
Although most of these bosses are quite easy compared to what's left..... It's a good start!!
25 Man Flame Leviathan

10 Man Razorscale

10 Man Deconstructor

10 Man Ignis

10 Man Kologarn

10 Man Iron Council

Keep up the good work!

Everything on Farm

Dugen, Jan 30, 09 8:26 PM.
Obviously a lot has happened since the last screenshot.  We've cleared all the 25 man content up to OS 1 Drake and we're working on 2 drakes.  We've also stopped pugging and are on loot council now.  Unfortunately we don't really any screen shots to post but the bosses all look the same as the ones we have up so who really cares.  

I'd like to add another person or two to our core raiding group.  We're looking for a Warlock and/or a Elemental Shaman so if you know anyone who'd be interested let one of the officers know. 
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