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Delusion moves to a new location.
Jun 30, 08 10:32 PM
Jun 13, 08 10:46 PM
What's Krakken.
Jun 1, 08 10:47 AM
State of the Guild Address.
Apr 13, 08 10:50 AM
Class Officers Designated.
Mar 10, 08 9:28 PM

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Delusion moves to a new location.

Erison, Jun 30, 08 10:32 PM.

This site will no longer be updated, please visit our new site at the following link:


Erison, Jun 13, 08 10:46 PM.

No alternate text supplied.

No alternate text supplied.

It turns out that Friday the 13th is a lucky day indeed for the guild of Delusion. For on this day you all accomplished a feat you had not previously seen. In a whirlwind of accomplishment you managed to down not one boss (that we have attempted 3 times now) but a boss we had not even engaged before. Congratulations people, you're now a SSC guild. You've manged to accomplish tasks that some have not, and will not ever see. What you did tonight, regardless the cost, regardless the time, regardless the sacrifice, show the absolute and undeniable potential you have as a group and as a guild. I cannot stress how immensely proud of you that I am. You managed to pull together and correct what mistakes you made to down bosses previously undoable. To be able to down Hydross on your first attempt, well, you can't deny that we have the potential to reach as far or farther than others.

Remember, there are raid mod requirements for raid cycle. Deadly Boss Mods and Omen. They are at the top of our page here, click the link, Download the mod. Ask an officer if you have difficulties.

Be on time to raids. Be on 15-30 mins before our raid times. Be repaired, be flasked or elixired and bring mana pots. I can't stress how crucial it is to be prepared.

DPS charts. We're posting WWS stats on the site following each raid, we're about to change up our raiding schedule to phase out the importance of Kara. Everyone that walks in the 25's should be able to push 600 DPS minimum and should be striving for 900. Those that do meet 600 DPS will be running in the ONE Kara group we are doing to do. You need to have you DPS up to be able to run this content. Check your specs, your gear, your attack rotation.

DKP. We're soon to move to DKP system, within the next month. The details of which will be covered. If you have any questions ask an officer.

Again, let me tell you, yes you, reading this that I think you're an amazing addition to those that hold my guild tag. You've proved to me that you can accomplish what I ask, and you don't sacrifice who you are to do it. Be proud of what you've done, regardless of how it was done, no matter how many died, you did it.

Stay the course.

What's Krakken.

Erison, Jun 1, 08 10:47 AM.
Delusion managed to make it's first attempts in Serpentshrine Cavern (SSC) on Friday night. Most of the people in the raid had not been in there, and didn't know what to expect, but we were able to get to The Lurker Below and take some shots at him. Unable to claim our first boss kill in there we left out with the knowledge of what to do better next time. I have to say that it was a pretty interesting run. It was a new instance for a lot of people and it poised new challenges for us as a raid group. The trash took only a short time to figure out, so I'm sure we'll move through it much faster next time allowing us ample attempts on what boss we choose to do.

There are a couple things I need the our raiding group to do in preperation for this raid, and for future ones. First off, you need to read up about the instance we are doing. Take a look at boss strategies and the roles that will be needed to be filled to accomplish progression. The days of just sitting back and spamming one button in places like Kara are long past. Each of you are about to have responsibilities that you didn't have before and it's important that you grasp these responsibilities head on and with commitment. So while you're here, I want you to jot over to or or and look over SSC bosses and familiarize yourself with each boss. Even if you don't know anything about the boss, what you read you will see played out right in front of you when we do the attempts. The things you read will come back to you as we're taking a shot at the boss in question. It's called preparation, start doing it. For a long time now the raiding groups have just waited silently for Erison to instruct them exactly what to do and when to do it, effectively being mindless drones. It's time for each one of the people that raid with us to be able to independently execute actions that ensure we accomplish things. In short, don't just stand there waiting for a command, realize what needs to be done and do it. I can't play 24 other people constantly and still be efficient at my job. Start making some effort here.

Resist gear. We're at the phase in progression where we need to start crafting or procuring some resist gear for our tanks as well as other members of the raid. First off we need to throw together some Nature and Frost Gear resist for Mashnek and Tanaria as they are our MT's for our raid cycles. A list of Resist gear is listed here as well as what materials are needed for it.

All materials are needed for that set, and we're taking donations to the bank. Use the second tab of the bank to drop items in there for the Resist gear.

Delusion is very close to moving to a DKP system. We're at the point that we have almost enough people that we don't have to PuG every 25 man every night. Keep in mind that while I'm using a PuG in any group I can't institute a DKP system because it's unfair for those that we need outside the guild to run. Those that aren't familiar with a DKP system or have had bad experiences with it needed to be educated better to realize that it's the best system for loot distribution and promotion of guild unity. In reference to how I'll run our DKP is listed here, taken from a previous post:

Delusion may soon be moving to a DKP system. Will it be for 25 mans only? Will there be bonuses for showing up on time, for killing bosses, for staying the whole raid time, for donating to the guild bank? All these are real possibilities. It's being decided. I'm gravitating towards a time based DKP system, whereas each 15 or 30 min increment you get XX amount of DKP. Each item is given a loot table, a base starting price. Then class applications bid for that item starting from that base price. This system will allow you as a bidder to decide how much the item is worth to you. It's also effective in the sense that those that show up every night to raid will have alot of DKP, meaning the gear will be going to the people that show up if they choose. Some may be concerned that they'll never get loot with this system, but that's not true. If you show up and raid, you get points, and what may be worth all your points to you, might only be worth 5 to the other class you're bidding against. Maybe you want to save up your points for the chance at some drop later in the instance, maybe you just want an Epic really bad. You'll decide if it's worth it to you, based on the time you spend raiding. When we decide to put this into effect, if we decide to put it into effect, there will be more information on it."

State of the Guild Address.

Erison, Apr 13, 08 10:50 AM.
Too much time has passed since my last post and there is much to cover. To save people's fleeting attention I will try to condense the things that need to be covered.

First off, Delusion is making it's way back into the 25 man circuit but we're still lacking a lot of commitment on the parts of our more "veteran" guild members. These people that farmed Kara for a long time are sitting out or ignoring our Gruul's dates, forcing us to take newer people that are in greens or pugging people that are getting loot instead of our core, essentially getting us no where. We have been fortunate enough to get some new people in here with experience and gear, and those that are in lesser gear are making some respectable progress. I'd very much like to get away from running Kara as much, but the people that I need to make that happen do not seem to be signing to raid, or not showing up to help out.

Next, class spec and gear minimums. I believe most if not all Class Officers have posted what they ask for your character to be in our raid rotation. If you have questions about anything to do with your class, seek out your lead and get to know them. We have forums for people to post, get some conversations going, do some research. I want to get to the point where I have to choose based on the class composition and not whether I have to take another class over the one I want simply because the first has not made any progress in getting things taken care of that the Class Lead's ask for.

DPS numbers. Every class is different, and there are some things certain classes do that others cannot. 600 Effective DPS is the goal here. We got people in here doing 300. I can't take 5 Hunters or 10 Locks or 8 Mages, I have to have class variations to run this stuff. Those that are close to that 600 mark are the ones that will be stepping up to run. Just because you show up and the boss dies doesn't mean you're doing your job. Do the math here.

You- 300 DPS in a 5 minute fight.
Other- 600 DPS in a 5 minute fight.

5 minutes is 300 seconds. In 300 seconds you've done 90,000 damage, the Other did 180,000 damage. Why would we want to take someone that's essentially being carried on boss fights? If I had another 600 DPS in the place of the 300, the boss would die faster, the healers would use less mana pots, and we'd be done on time instead of 2 hours past. We watch these numbers, we run DPS meters and we have been using WWS stats. Starting soon we'll be posting links of our WWS sheets so that people can really see where they stand on boss fights. If you thought you were on top of your game, you're about to get a reality check. Make the effort.

The guild has grown in size since our first Gruul kill, and the free transfers to our server have netted a few. I still have no desire to "LFM fer mai guld" in Trade chat as I feel that it gets too many non respectable players in guild chat. Friends of members are usually a free pass to join as long as they are respectable. Site IDs are required. Mods are required, all this is listed at the top of the page, it's blinking at you. Deadly Boss mods is a requirement. I can see who has it, if you don't take the time to DL it I'll pull another from guild to raid in your spot. Is losing your raiding spot really worth being that lazy?

I've been hearing alot of stuff that when I'm not online the guild turns into a pretty unsettling place. It would seem that when I'm not around people show different sides of who they are and have less respect for one another. I have no way to validate that other than what I am told, but I believe there to be some truth to it. I want this constant disrespect to stop, having to log in and sort out he said she said for 3 hours is not how I want to spend my WoW time. If someone in guild is pissing you off, and you can't reason with them, put them on your ignore list. You people really need to try to get along better, but if you can't, stop making me the daycare mommy. When you talk to an officer you're talking to me, so if you have respect for me and my delegation, then you'll treat them with the same respect. If you don't, that means you don't respect me, and if you don't, why are you even here? Wouldn't you be happier running in another guild that didn't stress you out? Make choices that are going to make this game more fun for you, I'm already showing less tolerance for people that abuse their position in game. It is a video game, you wouldn't talk to people like in real life, you'd probably get shot. Stop hiding behind your keyboard.

Raid drops and rolling. Stop linking the gear that drops in Raid Chat. You don't think the other people can see it? EVERYONE CAN SEE IT WHEN THEY CLICK ON THE MOB. From now on, the Raid Lead will link items in Raid Warning. It's a white warning, different color chat and it posts across your screen. Only rolls that are posted AFTER the raid warning will be accepted as for that roll. If I have something linked in raid chat that we're rolling on and then 5 other people spam link stuff others will roll thinking they are rolling on what you just linked but I'm still trying to hand out the loot before it. It's simple. STOP LINKING IT.

Delusion may soon be moving to a DKP system. Will it be for 25 mans only? Will there be bonuses for showing up on time, for killing bosses, for staying the whole raid time, for donating to the guild bank? All these are real possibilities. It's being decided. I'm gravitating towards a time based DKP system, whereas each 15 or 30 min increment you get XX amount of DKP. Each item is given a loot table, a base starting price. Then class applications bid for that item starting from that base price. This system will allow you as a bidder to decide how much the item is worth to you. It's also effective in the sense that those that show up every night to raid will have alot of DKP, meaning the gear will be going to the people that show up if they choose. Some may be concerned that they'll never get loot with this system, but that's not true. If you show up and raid, you get points, and what may be worth all your points to you, might only be worth 5 to the other class you're bidding against. Maybe you want to save up your points for the chance at some drop later in the instance, maybe you just want an Epic really bad. You'll decide if it's worth it to you, based on the time you spend raiding. When we decide to put this into effect, if we decide to put it into effect, there will be more information on it.

The Vent is a paid service, it's password protected to allow people that I want to be in there, to be in there. I do not care if you have your arena partners in there, your questing buddies, or even if you want to bring in people that you run an instance with. The Raiders Room is for Raiders only. Do not give that password out to people that are not raiding. I do not want the Vent spammed with what they did last night, or what Epic they got out of Deadmines or anything that has nothing to do with what we are raiding. The Vent is a tool to help us accomplish our tasks easier. I pay for it out of pocket. Blizzard does not reimburse me. People that think they are entitled to use it are not. Stop trying to piss me off.

Despite the setbacks we have endured and the losses we have incurred, we're still around, more than a year has passed since I turned in this charter and it has been a year of great accomplishment. I have alot of respect and admiration for the people I play with and I am fortunate enough to run with people that make the game a more interesting and rewarding
experience. I look forward to our coming accomplishments.

Class Officers Designated.

Erison, Mar 10, 08 9:28 PM.
I've conferred with my officers and decided the next best move for us as a guild is to designate Class Leaders. These people are going to go one on one with people in their class realm to talk to you about spec, gear, attack rotation, raid viability, and general direction. This move is designed to help us progress better as a guild. While alot of you have looked at Erison to give you all the answers to what you do, or what you need to do, it's time for some delegation to be set out. From here on, these people will be the ones you go to if you have questions about if this gear is better than that gear for whatever, or if this spec works, or if this attack rotation is better than this, so on. These leads aren't going to wait for you to ask either, they're going to be actively telling you who they are, what they can do for you, and what you can do for the raid as a whole. I don't care what you spec, wear, or do in your "free time" when you're not raiding, but when you step in Kara, Gruul's, or ZA you need to bring your A game. These people are here to show you what your A game is. They have dominion over this. They've played their chars on levels I have only researched about. They know their stuff, and they are gonna expect you to step up, or it's flat out sit out. I want the people that want to progress, not those that want to hang out and wait for free epics. I've always been of the philosophy that you get out what you put in. It's time for you all to lay the cards on the table.

Class Officers are:

Warrior - Mashnek
Paladin - Cardoc
Warlock - Majinn
Priest - Erison
Mage - Temonic
Rogue - Thedarkhorse
Shaman - Durgo
Druid - Larkin
Hunter - Kanthela

We have class Forums, utilize them. Post your questions, or leave your tips, whatever you do, make us better with your effort and your committed attitude.

New Raiding Mod.

Erison, Mar 2, 08 12:08 AM.
In order to combat our guild's disorganization as we move into the 25man phase of progression, the officers and I have decided to utilize a mod called Group Calendar to help us stay in the loop with who's coming to what. The forum post idea was decent, but we lack a real commitment of members to visit and be active on our site. We're hoping that with the use of an ingame mod we'll be more adept to stay on track with things. This mod, along with Omen, Ventrilo, and Deadly Boss Mods are requirements to raid with us. You don't have them, we'll take someone that does. It's not much to ask to have you get these, you may already have them, or already use other mods so you realize how useful it is. All future raids will be setup through this mod, and your acknowledgement via this mod will determine if we have the interested people to go. We're seeing new faces on a daily basis since we downed Gruul our first week in there, so don't be left out because you refuse to step up to your responsibility as a Raider in this guild. Get the mod, get it setup, and learn how to use it. I've taken some screen caps with examples of how you go about setting up and signing for a raid, the are listed below.

No alternate text supplied.

First, click on the clock on your minimap, or type /calendar to bring up the menu.


No alternate text supplied.

Now hit setup to check what channel you need to be in.


No alternate text supplied.

Make sure you have Use Guild Data channel checked. If it says connect instead of disconnect go ahead and hit it. Each time you log on, it will take approx 5mins to sync with the system, so any changes made during that time to signups might not post.


No alternate text supplied.

Now choose an event from the calendar by clicking on it to bring up the side pane. Then click on the Event listed to go to the signup menu.


No alternate text supplied.

Now tell us whether you can or cannot make, and if you have stipulations, like you'll be late, have to leave early, so on, put it in the comment box.


That's about all there is too it. I urge you all to take care of this soon as possible.


Erison, Feb 22, 08 11:48 PM.

Delusion Downs Gruul the Dragon Killer 2-22-08!

No alternate text supplied.

Well, damn people. Second attempt on Gruul, and he's down. That's some damn fine work. It wasn't without mistakes, and losing the MT at 25% was a pretty tough break in itself. I think we had about 12 people up when the MT died including healers, so to take that much off with no Hurtful Strike tank, pretty impressive.

Things of note:

Deadly Boss Mods, get it. It's now a requirement for all people that want to raid. If you don't know where to go, there's a link right in the middle of the page, right below our Guild Website title. It's absolutely imperative that you get this mod. The simple mistakes you are making in the shatter, you can avoid with that little window that says "Too Near: <name>". Take care of it now, click the link.

Druids gotta keep those HoTs up, it may not seem like such a big deal 3 growths in, but 11 it's a major issue if you're slacking.

Cave ins. What can I say? Move out of the things. You got 3 seconds, then you start taking damage. The screen shakes, rocks fall around you, and you start losing HP. Pretty much what you need to look for, if you can't move in 3 seconds with rocks falling on your head, then well, good luck to ya.

We cannot afford to lose any DPS that early in the fight. You guys have to find a safe spot and DPS. After every Ground Slam/Shatter, you get a safe spot. 5 seconds, that's your max allotment for safe spot. Find a spot and DPS, get pulled or pushed next slam, find a safe spot. Seeing a pattern here? Ya, you are.

Our raid schedule is set, Wed/Sat Kara, Thur/Fri Gruul's. ZA on Sunday if there are enough interested party members. You guys are free to pug ZA so long as it doesn't conflict with a raid you are scheduled to attend. Regardless of who is marked for what raid, if you're not on at 7pm, you can expect someone else is gonna take your place, we've got alot of eager new people in here that I don't intend to make wait to see if you'll show.

Vent, Deadly Boss Mods, Repaired before the run, pots, elixirs, flasks. It's all common sense. Take care of it all. I want a couple more weeks in Gruul's so we can get to the point of doing Kara right after with 2 groups with a reasonable amount of time before we move onto bigger fish. Show your commitment and be on time.

The potential is there, the success will be had, the determination will decide it. Be ready.

Come......and die.

Erison, Feb 22, 08 12:04 AM.
Delusion downs High King Maulgar 2-21-08!

No alternate text supplied.

We did it.

Delusion downs High King Maulgar on 2-21-08, sees Gruul to 34% first attempt. Our second week in Gruul's we managed to take down HKM, and get our first look at Gruul the Dragon Killer. We can all see that attention is paramount and the ability to rely on each and every raid member to perform their assigned task is a necessity. You all had jobs to do, no matter how much we all staggered through them you managed to hit the right buttons on what was to be our last attempt of the night. It wasn't flawless, it wasn't clean, but we did it. HKM laid out on the floor and gave up our guild's first Tier 4 shoulders. Winners are Asumolin and Avnas, Warrior and Paladin. Cloth DPS belt went to Vindoria, our new Lock in guild. To touch back on some finer points of the fight:

Locks, make up a /target Wild Fel Stalker /cast Enslave Demon macro, still too many of those Felhounds running around at the start and in the fight.

Heal interrupts, make sure you know that you are supposed to interrupt and where you are in the rotation, don't miss a heal!

Tanaria, stop dying.

Other than that you guys nailed it, so long as those that are supposed to have aggro are in the right spot I don't see why we won't be farming Gruul's in a short time. I know it's chaotic with 24 other people running around in there trying to do stuff (imagine my job having to watch 24 others and correct mistakes on the fly) but if you just concentrate on what YOU have to do and listen to Vent, you'll pull through. Just imagine it's you and your target, or your heal assignment, and you'll get through it.

Speaking of Vent.

Important Raid Info Here.

Click that link, go get your required items taken care of. If you have problems with Vent, 5 mins INSIDE Gruul's is not the time to spam whisper me that you have issues. Take care of it, it's required to raid. You can't possibly think you can know what to do if you've never been in there. Get the threat meter, use it in reg runs, learn how to read it, make yourself a better raider so we can have a better raiding experience.

Stock regeants before the run, buy pots, and bring money for repairs. Those staying the full duration of the raid receive 25g allowance to offset repairs.


There's nothing that stresses me out more than scrambling to find people 10 mins before raid for you to log on 45 mins late to say "wtf why am I not getting to run". You know the times, we've raided at 7:30pm for the past 3 months, it hasn't changed. Fix it.

As it stands now we're Kara on Wed/Sat, Gruul's Thur/Fri. Once Gruul's is learned we'll run Gruul's then Kara same night, so we can get it out of the way. Doing that will allow us another day to learn another 25 man.

We've come a long way people, and I'm grateful to all that have stuck it out and saddened by those not here to see our accomplishments. People come and go, it's the way it is, but they are still missed. Let's continue to move forward, setting our own pace, accomplishing on our own terms, and remaining dedicated to the ideal that we have as many rights to be proud of what we accomplished as those that have come before us. Congratulations, Delusion, you're gonna make it.

Happy Birthday Delusion.

Erison, Feb 12, 08 1:59 PM.
Alot has been happening lately and I've been around as much as I can to help the movement of things to bring success to our guild but have fallen short a time or two. I would like to spread the word amongst the guild that February 13th, 2008 marks one year from the day I made the charter for Delusion official and begun to build a core of people up from the low levels. There are a few with me that can still remember the early days when we were just a bunch of lowbies running around exploring the World of Warcraft. Our frequent ventures in SM to help the newer people learn how instances worked, what CC was, and how to work as a team. Our laughable "raids" on Southshore when we were lower than the guards but high in numbers. There are many memories I carry with me over the development of our guild as I'm sure many among us have theirs. So, to celebrate our 1 year anniversary I'm going to hold a guild event that I need every member to be on, as many as can be available. New members as well as old members are welcome to come, it'll be a fun time for all. What we're doing is a bit of a surprise, as the method of accomplishing it will play largely into not being known by those outside it. It's not to be all cloak and dagger about it, but I want it to be fun for alot of people. So be on and ready at 7pm Wednesday night, I promise it'll be a good time for those that want to come.

In other news, Delusion managed to step in Gruul's Lair last week, with the help of a few outside guild. We didn't manage to down HKM, but we learned a great deal of what we need to do, and I can tell you it's pretty chaotic to have to watch 24 other people to see what they are doing. I think we did well, we had issues that we solved as we went and I don't think it'll be long before Gruul's will be as much of a coasting run as Kara is for us now. There are new faces in guild, and more on the way, let's make sure not to leave those out that just joined. Participate in guild chat, form runs, and make new friends. I've worked hard to make this a guild of friends and not an institution of coworkers. I'm proud of all of you. I look forward to seeing how far we can go, and how much we'll accomplish.

As for future raiding, we're gonna stick to Thursday, Friday, Saturday schedule right now, though that might change in the future. I know there's a few that can't make our times, or can only raid 1 of those days a week. We're finally getting to the point that we're not forced to call the run if one person doesn't show up (though we still have alot of people I schedule to run or that say they can run and just don't show up) and I hope that will become less of a problem as we continue to grow.

I foresee changes on the rise with the influx of new people, and the reformation and delegation of how I work things in the guild, but it won't be at the sacrifice of the ideals I have set for the guild. We'll still be Delusion, but hopefully we'll be more streamlined in the way we do things. I'll be posting a permanent "menu" of sorts for Guild Bank items, rather than our current system. We're also looking at a way to make the Guild Bank help us be a more self sufficient guild. As with everything else in our Guild, you'll find the information here or on a forum post, so stay attentive, this site really is the place to go for where we are going.

25 mans here we come.

Erison, Jan 28, 08 12:21 PM.
Officer meeting was conducted on Sunday night to decide what we're going to do for the next step in progression. We have Kara on farm, clearing one night a week (or two if we really aren't on top of things) and committing more time to ZA. We have managed to down the first 3 bosses of ZA and so far have seen the 4th to 50% ish. Quite an accomplishment, as not many on the server have made it that far or farther. We'll continue to do what we have been, and read the strats, follow the tips of previous runners, and toss it all out the window and make up what works for us. It may be great for other guilds, but we all figured out a long time ago that we aren't exactly cookie cutter. We do better when we modify things to our advantage and class composition. I have no disappointment in our rate of progression or our current stature in rank. Who the top guild is concerns me little, nor does where we sit in line to them. Alot of the people we play with have no idea who Delusion is, and that's because I don't advertise the guild for recruitment. There's too many people out there that will flame because of jealousy and I don't want the good people of my guild to endure that just to get recognition. I'm pleased with where we are, I don't need the pat on the back. We'll continue to do what we are doing, recruiting case be case, learning the fights on our own terms, and progress as we have been.

Gruul's Lair. You all have been asking, you all want to know when we can step up. Up to this point it's been a combination of gear, commitment, and numbers. Since I haven't mass recruited every guy in LFG that's LF Guild, we've been slower than others to build our numbers, but for what we make up in quantity, I feel we have in quality. So start date? When are we planning to attempt the Lair of the Dragonkiller?

Thursday, February 7th, Delusion will step inside Gruul's Lair for it's first shot at HKM, and his boss, Gruul. This is a 25 man raid, so that means we're going to need as many people as we can get from guild. We have the capability within our ranks to make this happen. We have 4 to 5 capable tanks, 6 or more healers, and the DPS
to top it off. This, like Kara when we first started, will rely heavily on your commitment to it. I don't want to take 10 of the geared people and just throw 15 more random pugs in there just so we can do it. I want to see Delusion's tag in there doing the dirty work. This post is more than a week before the assemble date, so there's enough time for you to make the arrangements to be here. It's posted on the left side under upcoming raids, so everyone can see it, there's no logging on the day of and saying "Oh Gruul's, why wasn't I told?". The instance itself is fairly short, as there are 2 pulls to HKM fight, then 3 or so to Gruul's. The whole instance shouldn't take more than an hour or two once we know what we are doing, but for now we're going to concentrate exclusively on HKM, if we get him down we'll go for Gruul's, but that's the plan. Check our forums for links on strats, we'll be going over it the day of, but you would do well to check it out on your own. As I've said above, those that have been in here before, we're going to listen to what you did with prior guilds, but we'll more than likely be changing it up to fit our needs. There's no "well this guy shouldn't be in here, kick him and get this class", if you think that's how things work, you've been afk to every raid you've run in here. We've made it this far as a team, we'll continue to do so. Be ready, Delusion takes the next step on Thursday, February 7th. 25 man progression awaits.

The other thing I want to note is the Guild Vault. I want to remind everyone that the Guild Vault sells items within it for 20% under AH cost. Pots, Enchanting Mats, and a select few other random items. Each of you that are enjoying that 25g
allowance at the end of a Kara or ZA run, this is where your money is coming from. Support your guild, if you need pots before a run, get them from the Guild Vault, if you want an Enchant on your weap, check the Vault to see if we have the mats. This privilege is open to all guild members, not just raiders. Elija is the Guild Treasurer, get with him if you have questions, or send him a ingame mail if there's something you want.

February 13th, 2008 will mark Delusion's one year of formation. It was one year ago then that my rerolled mage, Regretful, sought out a few willing people to form a new guild. Of those that signed the charter, Tanaria is the only one that has been with me since the start of things, and has remained my Head Officer. We've had our trials and tribulations, our dark moments and our dry spells, but through it all we're still here. It doesn't matter if the rest of the server doesn't know who we are, we know who we are. We have managed to keep this guild together, and progress with it. The guild was built up from random lowbies, to become the tight knit family that's fiercely protective of what it's accomplished. Not all agree with the direction of the guild, and we've lost a few good people along the way, but the ship still sails in search of what it left port for. I created this guild to give the chance to people to see content they might not otherwise see, to help those to accomplish things they didn't think or know possible. I have worked hard to make it a guild of friends, rather than a batting order. I have spent time with just about every guild member helping them to attain a piece of gear, to straighten out a spec, or to answer a question about WoW in general. I want to extend my appreciation to those that have wanted to be a part of what I have tried to accomplish, I could not have done it without you. I am very proud of what we have accomplished, and look forward to the future we will ride into.

Let's continue to write history.

Tis the Season.

Erison, Dec 20, 07 4:34 AM.
Ugh, been too long since my last post on here of updates, maybe that's because we haven't had many things to update.

I've spent the last 2 or 3 weeks of raiding trying to fit a schedule in that will adhere to everyone's availability and almost without fail we've managed to not run Kara at all, start significantly late, or not accomplish what we have been in prior runs. Things need to change a bit. I've declared Thursday and Friday night as raid night, 7pm to 12am. Due to the fact that everyone seems to be available for that time, those are our times. 1 or 2 might be 30 mins late because of work, that's acceptable. We can 9 man the beginning of Kara till we have the compliment. Now for those that are upset that they don't want to be in Kara for 5 hours and don't want to be in there till midnight, here's a wake up call. Kara is a 3 hour full clear for us. So what happens to the other 2? AFK's, general screwing around, and more than half the raid not ready to start at least 15 mins before hand. Ya, all that wasted time adds up. That's not even including the amount of time spent on careless wipes. You people know these fights, we should be one shotting this stuff. If you're gonna be 30 mins late for Kara, the day before get your pots, regeants, and put your char outside Kara. What are you worried about? Ganking? Rest XP? You're just wasting everyone's time. Get your Regeants, Pots, Soulshards, Repairs, Food Buffs, Enchants, Gems, Gardening, Mods, and Chocolate Chip Cookies taken care of BEFORE we start Kara. 7pm comes at the same time everyday. Get out of BG's, stop farming primals, and get where you are supposed to be. We can be out of there every night at 10pm if we start at 7pm and make a good pace. Take care of it.

This will be the last planned raid week of the year most likely. Christmas is coming and people have things to do. I wouldn't ask you to commit to something that is so low on the RL chain of events. It's unlikely we'll raid again before the first. And after the first I'm going to seriously look at us in Gruul's. If you've been shirking your commitment in Kara don't think that Gruul's is you. I'm only interested in raiding with people that are interested in raiding. I know you get what I mean.

Guild Bank update. Here's the basics. Each night we raid the RL will give 15g to each member of the raid that was on time (or there 30 mins after because of work, or something significant like that), stayed the full duration, and didn't afk the whole time. This money is coming out of the guild bank. How is the guild bank getting money you ask? Well, Enchanting mats are being sold, as they are collected from Kara. Every Green, every Epic that gets DE'd, and maybe even some blues if we can get them, are going to the guild bank. Mats are sold at 20% below AH price. This is subject to change. In addition mana pots and other similar pots will be sold below AH price. Don't expect this to be fullproof and working tomorrow, it's a learning process. I figure start of 08 will be a new beginning for Delusion. The only "credit" you can get with the bank is that you forgo your repair costs for the week. The first time you do that and don't show, bail early, or come in really late, that privilege is revoked. You abuse it and we'll stop doing it. I want to create a mini economy that allows us to me more independent from the the AH and other means of materials. This is the first step.

On the last note, people come and go. There may come a time when you yourself decide what I offer as lead of this guild is not what you want in the long run. It happens. Can't please everyone, but make the choice wisely, those that leave on a bad note, won't see a return invite when whatever pasture you went to was in fact, dying and brown. I value all of your inputs, and your friendships, but there's some bridges I won't repair when you burn them down. I want us to succeed. If we all do our part and use common sense in every aspect, we will.


Erison, Nov 27, 07 12:56 AM.
    It's been awhile since my last new post, and it's overdue I suppose. I'll be honest when I tell you that there's been a bit of steam taken out of the ol Delusion boat, and we've been trying to compensate for it as best we can. No need to panic, we're getting it back on the right track (minus points for using the analogy of a steamboat and a train in the same thought, damn). At any rate, there's some moving around to do if we are to continue our two Kara groups a week. The last time we got in there I was unable to make the run and Lightvoid stepped up and led the raid to our first full clear in one night, very impressive work. Attune to Nightbane, Thanksgiving weekend, Delusion cleared it's plate while we were there. With that precedent I look to move all of our raids to a one night clear, it may run a bit longer than anticipated, but if we can power through it, that'll leave us more open to time in Zul Aman and in guild Heroics. I have a post up in the forums for who I think can match each group, if you cannot make the days proposed I need to know before the end of this week so that I can make arrangements.

    On to the topic of Zul Aman. We've been in there twice, the first time without much success, and the second with a bit more gumption, taking down the first boss. Second boss proved to a bit more formidable, but we saw him to 8%. It's doable, just needed a different arrangement on classes, like a Warlock for Seed of Corruption. We'll get some more time in there, it's a learning curve. All and all I'm pretty impressed with our progress and rate of progress. The guild is becoming more of a family than a chat room. The new recruits of Irissa, Lunnetta, Ciris, and Hudsy have meshed well and feel like they've always been here. I'm proud of you all.

    I'd like to remind people that the guild and the game is constantly changing, people come and go, it's how things work. We've lost a few in the past couple of weeks, but we've gained some back. It's important that we stick together and work as a team to accomplish the things we need done. If people ask for runs, go with them, even if there's nothing in it for you immediately, the commitment that is created will pay off in the end. Take time to help those that aren't so well known in the guild, I try to lead by example, asking if people need things done, but it's important that we all try to be as active and available for each other as we can. Guild unity is key.

    Remember to check the forum post and see if there's a conflict with where I have you.

Kara and two groups.

Erison, Nov 12, 07 3:24 AM.
As promised an announcement about two groups is being posted here. I don't have labels for what group is what (though I like Alpha and Bravo, even though you people would just make fun of it : /). As it stands right now, because of people's availabilities, I will be leading what I consider the second Kara group, Fri to Sun, 6:30pm to 10pm Server. After speaking with more than a few people I have found that it's mostly the new members of the guild that are able to adhere to that schedule, and it seems to work out better in my opinion. Everyone will be reasonably close in experience level, and I will have the chance to lead them as I did the current raiders when we first started. Using the experience and knowledge, through trial and error mostly, I will be able to make this group learn and move at least 2x as fast as we did the first go round. I'm confident that if people stick to this, commit to the schedule we'll be able to step in Gruul's within a month. It may be preemptive but it's a goal, we'll have to see where people's determination lies. As it stands right now I have 9 of the 10 I need for the second group and it consists of the following:

Darkwalker- MT
Larkin- OT

Irissa- Healer
Erison- Healer

Ciris- DPS
Lunnetta- DPS
Razyel- DPS
Esper- DPS
(Server Transfer Mage)- DPS

The mage is a relative of Raz's, so he will hopefully be joining sometime in the week. I still need to fill the last spot and I'll figure out who can do that before we start Friday.

As for the first group, that's left in the hands of Kanthela, as she is to be the raid leader for group one. What times, who's in it, will be at her discretion. Don't think I'm not watching it, it's consultation thing. Yes I could technically lead both groups with my Mage and Priest, but get real people. No way I'm going to get that stressed out, haha. I ask that you be patient with her progress, leading and raiding are two different things. You all have gone off of what I have taught you in the past months, don't expect it to be exactly the same. You all have the experience and the knowledge, work as a team, and focus.

Patch 2.3 is supposed to hit on Tuesday and with it, Zul Aman opens. I intend to give at least 1 day a week to that, for the better geared players, since it's considered just past Kara in difficulty, but that's in addition to our Kara schedule. Alot of people still need gear out of Kara.

It's been brought to my attention that our loot system might seem unfair to newcomers, but I urge you to understand what incenuations you make about that. No guild that's in Kara or beyond is going to let people that just joined walk in, take loot, and go on about their business. People need to know that they can be counted on to commit to raiding. If you raid 1 day a week, 2x a month, it doesn't make any sense at all that you are on equal footing for those that are in there 3x a week, 12x a month. The gear is to better equip ourselves to progress. Show me that you can show up and be an active part of the guild and you have every oppurtunity as the ones doing the same thing. Put some time in, show me that you can be counted on and you'll see gear. If you log in 4 times a week to afk in Org, don't expect to be handed purples on the one day you decide you have the time to raid. I need people I know that can commit so we can see further progression. Look at it from the other side. If you're in guild a month or more and you've been after a certain drop, paid countless repair bills, and spent nights with your eyes bleeding on 1% wipes to lose a roll to some guy that just got in the guild a day or two ago. I've seen so many guild hoppers, people I thought I could count on that just used us to get something and ride out. Call it learning from your mistakes. Show me you're sticking around and that the gear you get isn't just to make some other guild fatter and you'll get what I mean. I want you all to see gear, but more importantly I want you to see content. I want you to LEARN these fights. Even if we never make it to BT and the expansion comes out and this guild doesn't make it, one day when you're facing the Lich King in an Epic Endgame battle you'll remember where you got your start, or at least I hope you will, so many other in game snobs don't think about that, just who they can step on next to get something for themselves.

I'm here to help you see content you might not otherwise get to, and to guide you all in becoming what a guild really is, a collection of friends, working towards a common goal.

Show me that you want to be a part of it.

A step forward.

Erison, Nov 6, 07 5:08 PM.
As a few know I was slated to run with another guild's Kara run on Tuesday night, but instead I held a meeting with them and we discussed what everyone's interests are in game and what they expect out of the people they run with. After we all reached the point where we felt that we all were on the same page, it was decided that they would be interested in being a part of our guild. With the introduction of these 5 people we now have the realistic capability of 2 groups in Kara, and I seek to make it possible as soon as I can. Some people may need to be moved around to accomodate this, but it's a reality now, which means Gruul's is as well, when we're geared for it.

I want you all to join me in welcoming these people to guild, and encourage those around you to be active in what you do, it's a guild, not a chat room, BE ACTIVE!

This weekend is AB weekend and I intend to setup some guild Premades for Arathi Basin. Starting Friday night I'll start putting groups together for some BG runs, be on and ready, honor is about to start flowing in.

Times are changing, it's getting later in the year and people's priorities are shifting, I want you all to take special care in what you decide, and do what's best for you in RL before you consider the character you make move by pressing buttons.

I look forward to continuing to make history in WoW, and hope that we all get that which we seek, let's stay focused.

Wooo Hooo.

Erison, Oct 31, 07 2:47 AM.
Nightbane Owned 10/29!!

No alternate text supplied.

Mark another chapter in Delusion's history closed. We've finally done it, the toils of raiding finally paid off with a Nightbane kill. Unfortunately we were unable to get a screen cap so through the miracles of modern technology and high tech graphics reconstruction I have managed to get a close idea of what the kill shot actually looked at. Alot of time and effort and skill went into this recreation and I'd like to thank myself mostly for doing it. I know it's awesome, no need to go on about it.

This was our third attempt as a guild on Nightbane and we managed to put him down. Doing so marks the raid instance of Karazhan cleared, and our progression up there with some of the more farther progressed guilds of this server. We've managed to survive alot of hardships, doubts, cheap comments, jokes, and setbacks to get where we are. I created Delusion from a bunch of random people in their low level 20s. I recruited only people that had raw skill and helped them to hone into what they are today. You people are my greatest pleasure and proudest accomplishment in this game. I thank you for allowing me to lead you all into uncharted waters as the ship braves the sea of experience.

Now that Kara is cleared we need to start looking more closely at who needs what from who. There is a post on the forums that I ask you all to list what gear you need out of Kara that would be an upgrade for you. Ask questions if you are not sure that it is, or if it would be. Let's start trying to get people what they need so we can look at that second group I always promise to create.

Though there may be guilds farther along than us, and people with much better gear, take solace in the fact that we have made it this far not with mass recruiting, selling out, or merging. We have done so on the premise of our own skills.

Be proud of who you are.

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