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Darker Legion? WTF!?
Oct 3, 04 10:25 PM
Revolution of Darkness
Oct 3, 04 9:29 PM
New Information Section!
Nov 26, 03 8:54 AM
Legion Reloaded
Nov 17, 03 9:05 AM
Dark Legion is laid to rest
Mar 12, 03 7:18 AM
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Welcome to Dark Legion's website.

“It ends tonight...”


Darker Legion? WTF!?

Keelian, Oct 3, 04 10:25 PM.

Our identity has been ripped off by another guild calling themselves “Darker Legion”. The theives are also using the same emblem/guild colors.

There will never be another Dark Legion. we are the original D-L. Everything that is evil has died here and will remain underground until one of the Dark Lords calls for his army.

Revolution of Darkness

Keelian, Oct 3, 04 9:29 PM.

nuff said...

New Information Section!

Keelian, Nov 26, 03 8:54 AM.
New info under the information section named "What is Dark Legion?".
If you have a char in Dark Legion, meaning you have characters that are active or inactive within the guild, please read it.

Legion Reloaded

Keelian, Nov 17, 03 9:05 AM.

The black shadow is back...

"That's all you biaacthes get for free!!!!"
Joe Black

Dark Legion is laid to rest

Deleted User, Mar 12, 03 7:18 AM.
Dark Legion has been disarmed as of March 11, 2003. Thanks to all who came together to make Dark Legion what it became, a guild full of spirit and fight, and a force that was always ready to serve Albion.
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