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Guild Elections Finished!
Jun 20, 07 6:04 AM
Stage 2, complete!
Jun 14, 07 8:47 AM
Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
Jun 8, 07 8:51 AM
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Welcome to the Ruins of Arcadia. In the coming weeks, we are rebuilding our city from the ashes of the past. The guild and city were born when the original founding members were betrayed, like many others, by the first guild leader of the Citadel, a self-centered Rodian who could not accept change or challenges to his dictatorship-like decisions. From his betrayal, Arcadia and Coven were born on Corellia and Rori respectively. Many people within the three guilds remained friends, and later when the Tyrant eventually abandoned even those who were dedicated to him, the three came back together as the New Republic Alliance. In time, many people left the galaxy and eventually some of those returned to find things... changed, and not all for the better. The NRA was still here, 2 years later after the founding members of Arcadia returned from their journies and quests in other places. They returned to find the guild less mature, with almost no guiding hand, few members, and poor leadership. Within days of returning, those self-same members began to help organize and rebuild what was slowly decaying. Within days, another betrayal would occur to drive the members of Arcadia out again. Arcadia is founded by freethinking men and women, dedicated to making the Galaxy a better place to live in, a community of friends not afraid to discuss and disagree. Arcadia is again, founded by those same freethinkers looking to make their mark. Born in the fire of betrayal, forged on the anvil of freedom. Rebel, Imperial, or Neutral, we welcome all members of this Intrepid galaxy looking for a home where you can be unafraid to speak your mind. Here, we can make of the galaxy what we wish it to be.

Guild Elections Finished!

Waylorn, Jun 20, 07 6:04 AM.
Congratulations to.... me! I knew rigging the ballot box would work... I mean, yeah, thanks for voting for me :) Time to get those folks in the guild who were asking bout it now...

Stage 2, complete!

Waylorn, Jun 14, 07 8:47 AM.
Arcadia has hit 10 citizens! We need 5 more to hit the next city level by next week! If you have characters without a home, please move them in! If you hve friends who want to take part in a beautiful city building prospect close to a lag free starport, invite them to join us too!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Waylorn, Jun 8, 07 8:51 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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