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Help Points
What are help points- In keeping with the sprit of  our kinship help points are describe this way. Whenever you help a fellow member with a quest of any kind you will send and email to Naz the site administrator and he will assign you help points keep in mind that the harder the quest the more the help points. So if one individual needs a quest done and 5 others team up to help, all 5 will receive help points if the one individual that got help helps 1 of the 5 with a quest  then he would receive help points. You can only get credit for a maximin of  three help point emails per day. In other words if you help ten different members you would only get credit for three but you would receive a % bonus for helping the ten. Things to write on the letter would be what quest, did  it involve an Elite, or Boss was it an epic quest and how many chapters did you all complete. The help points can be turn in to the banker in exchange for (armor, weapons, dye, scrolls est... ) items that the craft masters  have made for the kinship and also from items donated by the kinship. Help points will also be added in with your raid/quest event participation your forum participation and your donation to the kinship. So mostly everything you do to help this kinship you may receive help points. An unrevised list of help points for achievements will be posted on the help points page.
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    Hello and welcome to the official site of the Night Dwellers a kinship in The Lord Of The Rings Online MMORPG. We are a mixed group of players insisting on having plenty of fun. As we explore the lands of middle earth we hope to make our characters all that they can be. We are a kinship consisting of all races and classes. We expect everyone who joins to help make it successful. Please read our structure below. We will be involved in many quest , raids and other events that will bring us closer together. So if you are ready for adventure, thrills, excitement but most of all fun. Join the Night Dwellers

    The structure of the Night Dwellers is arranged like this but is subject to change. Really is anything set in stone! Naz will be your Kinship Leader / Website Administrator.He will take advice from members on making the Night Dwellers (ND) the best that it can be. .  There will be members selected Officers, these members will run the day-to-day operation of the kinship. They will handle all disputes (if any) among guild members. They will meet and vote on all serious matters concerning ND. If the vote ends in a tie Naz will cast his vote to end the matter. There are plenty of quest and raids in LOTRO, and because of this a Battle Master will be selected.These individuals shall be in charge of our entire military force. They must have a keen mind when it comes to quest, raids, and so forth. They will plan the strategy with the quest master on the best way to make a quest/raid successful. Members involved in that quest/raid will follow the Battle Master's instruction. Quest Master will be selected. This individual will research, plan and take the lead in planning fellowship quest, no matter what the level of the quest and will also post on the website when and where our fellowship quest will take place. They will also assign Help points (more on help points later) to those who attend the quest/raids planned. Banker, the guild will collect dues each month from members. The Banker will keep up with all money and valuables. They will have the key role in making our guild financially successful. All armor and weapons donated to the kinship will be sent to the bankers. The banker will attach a help point price to each item. Any member wanting that item can purchase it with their accumulated help points. Any items not bought in some period of time will be sold and money will go to the kinship fund. Craft Master, the Craft Master will check the kinships crafters and select members to be our main crafters the kinship will accelerate there skills by supplying them with the necessary items. They will get these items trough the bank so that it is fairly distributed. Craft Master will also take the lead in hosting a craft day. A day set aside for the kinship to do crafting. They will work with the Quest Master to schedule this. All of this is to make our kinship self-sufficient and get away from the over priced Auction Hall.
To join Night Dwellers click on new user at top right of page and follow instruction. 
Code Of Conduct
 Treat your fellow members with the respect they deserve. Uphold and follow all the laws and rules the Officers institutes. Help others but kinship members should come first. Although sailing items to kinship members is not forbidden it is certainly not in line with the spirt of our kinship. Excessive profanity while on voice hookup is prohibited. 
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The Story
    Some years have passed since the aftermath of the Great War between the Fellowship and the horde and a great tension now smolders throughout the ravaged land of middle earth. As the battle-worn races begin to rebuild their shattered kingdom and dreams. From them came a group of warriors that vowed never again would they allow their adversaries to raid, pillage and sack there home. This kinship has bonded together and call themselves Night Dwellers. They fight for justice, honor and peace. Because now there are new threats, both ancient and ominous, raised to plague the world once again.
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