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HoloNet Message Decoded.

-Alliance to Restore the Republic Secure HoloNet.-



I am 2nd Lieutenant now Commanding Officer of the 15th Company of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, SpecForce Branch. The 15th Company is assigned with hit and run warfare on the following Zones:


Nym(Lok), The Royal Security Force(Rori) and CorSec(Corellia) do not know of our presence on their planets. We are a hidden force, Our members have second life's.

Your family's will not know of your being in this unit, This is a shutoff unit. Our main headquarters now under building will be in the swamps of Rori.

The Backstory on the 15th Unit is as the following:

Once the 15ths base was set up on the planet of Dantooine, It began heading out to the Corellia Sector setting up a hidden base 3 clicks from the upcoming city of Riva Doarta.

Then a safe house in the city, Various hit and run attacks against the XIIIth Black Order Division were staged there. The hit and runs draining the unit took a massive toll.

The unit later scattered after the XIIIth bombard of the Corellia Base, With their Captain missing and 1st Lieutenant Gha'ejo(Now 2nd Lieutenant.) barley holding communication with the unit.

Alliance High Command disbanded the unit due to low results. After Corellia Base was rebuilt and now 2nd Lieutenant Gha'ejo after reported therapy in the base. Was assigned the task to rebuild the unit since High Command was in need of SpecForce units. Opening transfers to the Unit to Civilians and Alliance Members alike.

While a 2nd Lieutenant would not in normal status command a Company, With the lack of higher ranking Officers at the Alliance High Commands request. 2nd Lieutenant Gha'ejo was assigned to lead the 15th Company due to having the experience required to lead.

With the Backstory fleshed out, I 2nd Lieutenant Gha'ejo am now reopening recruitment to the 15th Company SpecForce, Alliance to Restore the Republic.


2nd Lieutenant Gha'ejo, 15th Company of the Alliance to Restore the Republic SpecForce. Commanding Officer.

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