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Kara Notes    
I want to try and start kara on wed this week. I'll try my best to get online however if i'm not online and there is enough to do kara, i beg you to start. Please make your way to the forums for information on this weeks kara raid!
(Members only, Kara board forum)

Anyone that turns up for a raid, is expected to stay at LEAST 3-4 hours. In any case where they can't. THEY must find a replacement, before leaving, or before excepting the initial invite. This is a warning.

Check the forums for more details
General Notes    
Still recruiting a DPS Druid, Shadow priest, Pallys, Holy Priests, Resto druids!
If people arn't online for raids then i will recruit more of that particular class. Last week we had lack of heals and hunters (when we wanted you) and mages. Thus is why we are trying to fix this problem!

Welcome to Agony


Agony belongs to the Horde faction of the PvP server Blackrock.
Originally created as a private guild, Agony is  currently undergoing the transition into the public system. 
Agony is an Australian/ New Zealand based guild, however we fully embrace other dedicated members and raiders from a spectrum of timezones.

Currently Members of Agony are Gearing up for their end-game content.

Recruitment is strictly via classleaders only.
For a full rundown of requirements please visit the Recruitment section of Forums.

Guild Master: Immortalizer
Ast. GM: Kaibu

Class Leaders

Priest: Immortalizer
Rogue: Ralmida
Warlock: Darknazgul
Hunter: Diru
Warrior: Alaireth

Other Guild News

Welcome New Members!

538953667_Inactive, Jul 19, 07 4:53 AM.
Welcome to the guild that has joined us if the fight against the environment! With the new forces <Agony> has started another raid on Kara, and with Gruul looking weaker and weaker.

ATM the new found members will be ran and organised by their old guild leader. Since they have already bound together as we have.

Hopefully we will be doing heroics together and that will be the melding of the 2 guilds that now make up <Agony>.

Currently there is a kara raid during the week, and Immo's kara on the weekend. I beg people to ensure they know which kara they are meant to attend. And ensure they let the leaders know if they can't make a raid!
This is very important to ensure there is enough people/classes for the weekend raid.

Please check out the forums for updates and discussions on anything!


< Agony > and its Class Leaders!

538953667_Inactive, Jul 17, 07 3:14 AM.
Along with the increasing importance of turning up to kara raids. <Agony> will be reassessing its Class Leader and Senior Members, along with the introduction to a NEW level in the ladder. This new level will take the place between CL and SM.

Senior Members will be promoted as needed. We are awarding 13 places for Senior Members at this time. This will make up the first 20 or so Kara "A" team. (SM and Class Leaders) And thus if spots open up in raids for particular classes, A team members will be selected above standard members.

Be aware new CL's are up for nomination for only a few spots. Mage and Sham CL are up for grabs at this time. Old class leaders feel free to reapply. The reason for this change is because the guild has come a long way and we wish to leave behind what we started out with. (not leave them behind but advance with them) In order to do that we need active members, and active Class Leaders.

The new pozzy that is open and up for a max of 5 ppl atm is for those who prove themselves overly helpful for the guild and its members. They will be awarded to those who add a little something more to kara, and constantly show their dedecation to the guild, its members, and the web site.
These members will NOT have to do anything special (that they arn't currently doing at the given time they got promoted).

It is also on notice that a 2nd kara raid might be coming in affect sortly!

Members please don't stress. If you get demoted, or are not anything more than a member. WE STILL WELCOME YOU!
We are giving you time to gear up, make an impression on us, and otherwise be yourself!
I promise you we will try our best to get you geared enough to come kara, and further GRUUL!!! It is in our best interest to help you out! But it is up to you! We can't open the doors AND carry you through them.
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