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538956637_Inactive (SuperAdmin) 8/14/2007 6:40 AM EST : Getting Exalted With Netherwing Faction

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For those who are ready to get those Netherwing Drake flying mounts,raising your reputation with Netherwing is the only way to get there.Just like with Skyguard, you will start off hated and you have to workyour way up to exalted to gain the flying mount that increases yourspeed 280%. So, just how do you do this? While some quests can only bedone once a day, there is plenty that you can do to raise yourreputation as fast as possible. (You will have to already have a flyingmount to even begin this process, as one of the first quests that youget will require one.) Here is a basic path that you can follow to gofrom hated to exalted with Netherwing:

From hated to neutral: To begin your questing tobecome neutral with Netherwing, you will first talk to Mordenai at theNetherwing Fields, east of the Sanctum of the Stars, which is theScryer base in Shadowmoon Valley. He will give you the quest“Kindness”, which will require you to kill Rocknail Flayers that willfeed the Netherwing Drakes in the field.

Once you turn this in to Mordenai, you will then get “Seek OutNeltharaku”. Neltharaku is the Netherwing Dragon who flies up above thefields, so this is where your flying mount comes in. Once you find himand are able to talk to him, you will get “Neltharaku's Tale”, which isjust listening to him. Then, you will get “Infiltrating DragonmawFortress”. This quest will have you kill Dragonmaw Orcs. One of thefastest ways to do this quest is to go to Netherwing Ledge and kill theDragonmaw Peons, since you can kill 2-4 at a time.

Now, Neltharaku will have you do “To Netherwing Ledge!” which willhave you collecting Nethervine Crystals. Next, comes “The Force ofNeltharaku” which will have you rescuing Netherwing Drakes in DragonmawFortress. After this quest, you will get “Karynaku”, which requires youto speak with Karynaku inside Dragonmaw Fortress. Karynaku will sendyou to “Zuluhed the Whacked”.

This quest is a group quest that will require at least 4 good players,if not 5, to complete. (Beware his Rain of Fire spell, as it does a tonof damage to anyone in the group, as well as the demon who spawns fromthe portal. You can move Zuluhed to another room to avoid this.) Onceyou complete this quest, you will get “Ally of the Netherwing”. Youreturn to Mordenai and turn this in, gaining 42,000 reputation pointsand put you with neutral with Netherwing.

From neutral to friendly: To begin this part of yourreputation quest, you must have your riding skill of 300. You will getthe quest “In Service of the Illidari” from Mordenai. This quest isfun, as it turns you into a fel orc when you get to the Dragonmaw BaseCamp or Netherwing Ledge. It will also turn your mount into aNetherdrake. You have to deliver Illidari Service Papers to OverlordMor'ghor who is on Netherwing Ledge. He will then give you “Enter theTaskmaster”. This quest will have you find, and speak with, TaskmasterVarkule Dragonbreath, who will give you the beginnings of the dailyquests.

The first of the daily quests is the “Netherwing Crystals” which hasyou collect 40 Netherwing Crystals each day for the reputation points.The second of the daily quests will depend on your gathering skill:“Nethermine Flayer Hide” if you are a skinner, “Nethercite Ore” if youare a miner, or “Netherdust Pollen” if you are an herbalist.

The next batch of daily quests comes from Yarzill the Merc. He has twoquests that are daily quests, and one that isn't. The first quest hewill give you is “A Slow Death”, which is one of the daily quests.During this quest, you'll have to go and gather Fel Glands that will beused with Yarzill's Mutton. These glands drop off Felboars, VilewingChimaera, Felfire Diemetradon, and several other mobs in the area.Sometimes the peons you try to poison with the glands won't take it, soit's a good idea that you get more than the original 12 so you can doall of the poisoning at once.

The next daily quest that he gives you is “The Not-So-Friendly Skies”,and you will gather 10 Netherwing Relics for this one. The last questthat he'll give you is “The Great Netherwing Egg Hunt” and this oneisn't a daily quest. But, the eggs have a very low drop rate, so thisquest takes forever to do and repeat, so it isn't feasible that youwill be able to do it more than once a day or two.

But, these quests will get you to friendly with Netherwing, and onceyou hit that reputation level with them, there are a lot more quests todo. Friendly is about the halfway point to Exalted with Netherwing, andyou know which daily quests you can do to help up your reputationpoints every day you log on.

From friendly to honored: When you get to friendlywith Netherwing you will get an awesome combat pet to help you withyour quests until you hit exalted. The good thing is that this pet canbe used to tank for you and you can shoot or cast without damage, butthe bad thing is that this pet can only be used in Shadowmoon Valley.

The first quest that you get after you hit friendly is from TaskmasterVarkule Dragonbreath on Netherwing Ledge, and it's called “Rise,Overseer!”, and it sends you to Overlord Mor'ghor. Mor'ghor will giveyou “The Netherwing Mines” where you'll find the Mistress of the Mineson Netherwing Ledge. Follow the paths to the very bottom western partof Netherwing Ledge to find her and complete this quest.

She will give you “Picking up the Pieces”, which is a daily quest aswell. This quest will have you get 15 Netherwing cargo crates which youwill find all over the mine. You will also meet the Dragonmaw Foremanwho is next to the Mistress of the Mines and he will give you anotherdaily quest that is called “Dragons are the Least of Our Problems”.This daily quest will have you kill 5 Nethermine Ravagers and 15Nethermine Flayers. These two daily quests can be done together tofinish them faster.

You can also get another quest line that will give you Netherwingreputation points as well, which is the Murkblood quest line. The veryfirst quest that you'll get with this line is “Ronag the Slave Drive”and you will have to kill Crazed Murkblood Miners. Once this one isdone, you'll get “The Great Murkblood Revolt” which will lead you backto the Mistress of the Mine.

After this one, the last part is called “Seeker of Truth” where youhave to kill a Murkblood Overseer, who is found on the northern side ofthe ledge. Then, it's back to the Mistress once more.

After all of these are completed, you will seek out Chief OverseerMudlump, who will give you “Overseeing and You: Making the RightChoices”. You'll have to bring him 10 Knothide Leathers and 1 HardenedHide of Tyrantus. If you aren't a skinner, you can purchase theleathers on the AH, and you'll find Tyrantus in Netherstorm. He isabout at the very farthest point north there, so head to Stormspire andgo north.

After this quest, you'll get the next daily questfor Netherwing reputation, “The Booterang: A Cure for the CommonWorthless Peon”. This is one daily quest that you'll like doing, sinceyou pretty much get to hit the peons on the head to make them go backto work. By doing these quests, and the daily ones, you will get tohonored pretty fast.

From honored to revered: Head to Taskmaster Varkuleand he'll give you “Stand Tall, Captain!”, which will send you again toOverlord Mor'ghor, who will then give you “Captain's Badge”. This isthe trinket that you'll use to summon your combat pet that wasmentioned earlier. You'll also get “Disrupting the Twilight Portal”which is also a daily quest, and will have you kill 20 DeathshadowAgents. After you turn this quest in, you'll need to find Illidari LordBalthas, who will be the next quest giver for Netherwing.

You will find Illidari Lord Balthas on Netherwing Ledge, by theother quest givers that you've already spoken to. He'll give you “TheSoul Cannon of Reth'hedron”. This quest will require you to get 2Felsteel Bars, 1 Adamantite Frame, 1 Khorium Power Core, and 1 FlawlessArcane Essence. Most of these mats are fairly easy to get, except forthe Flawless Arcane Essence. To get the essence, you'll need to visitSar'this in Terokkar Forest just north of the Bone Wastes by themountains.

He'll give you a quest that will have you kill elementals around thearea, and will also give you the essence you need. After you turn in“The Soul Cannon of Reth'hedron”, you'll get “Subdue the Subduer”. Youwill use the Soul Cannon on Reth'hedron the Subduer up on TwilightRidge, and west of Forge Camp: Hate.

Now comes the fun part of the Netherwing reputation grinding! Youget to start doing the flying mount racing quests, which consists of 7different quests. The first 6 give you 500 reputation points each, andthe last gives you 1000 as well as a trinket that gives you 10% fastermount speed: the Skybreaker Whip. The first quest you'll get is called“Earning Your Wings”, and the rest are called “Dragonmaw Races”, whichhave you race against 6 other npc's.

From revered to exalted: Now that you are revered withNetherwing, you can begin the quests that will take you to exalted andto your Netherdrake. Find Taskmaster Varkule once more, because he'llupgrade your combat pet's trinket when you do “Hail, Commander!”. Turnthis in to Mor'ghor, and he'll give you “Kill Them All!” For thisquest, all you'll need to do is to turn in some news of your missionand the Dragonmaw Flare Gun to either Anchorite Ceyla at the Altar ofSha'tar (for Aldor alligned players) or Arcanist Thelis at the Sanctumof the Stars in Shadowmoon Valley (for Scryer alligned players).

You will then get the last of the daily quests, which is “The DeadliestTrap Ever Laid”, where you'll have to defend your Aldor or Scryer basefrom the Dragonmaw Skybreakers. You can solo this if you have healingabilities, but it's always a good idea to have a group with you whenyou start this one. From here, you continue to do this daily questuntil you hit exalted.

Remember that by doing the daily quests each day, you'll be on yourway to getting your Netherdrake faster than if you can only do themevery week or so. As you do them, make a note of the ones that give youthe most reputation points so you can be sure to do those each day togain more points.

When you finally get to the point to choose your Netherdrake, youwill have to be level 70 as well as have Artisan riding Skill of 300.The Netherdrake will cost you 200 gold and will give you a 280% flightspeed increase upon your ground mounts. There are several differentcolors of Netherdrakes to choose from: purple, onxy, violet, cobalt,azure, and veridian. So, good luck on your questing and have fun withyour Netherdrake!

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539370066_Inactive (Member) 12/24/2007 5:22 AM EST : RE: Getting Exalted With Netherwing Faction

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When you get exalted your Nether Drake is free. For a complete break down go to

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