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Raid Schedules
Sep 20, 08 3:25 PM
Prince Down!
Nov 11, 07 8:06 AM
Shade of Aran Down
Oct 30, 07 10:35 PM
Curator on farm
Oct 9, 07 2:31 PM
Netherspite/Netherbane/Chess Event Down
Sep 19, 07 7:40 PM
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Welcome to Hammer And Blade

For those that don't know us Hammer And Blade was formed within the first few weeks of launch of World Of Warcraft. From there we have slowly grown into a friends and family guild, now don't let our size fool you we are a talented group of individuals who like to see everyone in our guild grow and exceed beyond most expectations. Feel free to drop any of us a line if interested in joining our small family as well as for well whatever were pretty friendly I swear.

Check our Armory profile for a more complete list of members and gear.

Hammer and Blade
Other Guild News

Raid Schedules

Star stryke, Sep 20, 08 3:25 PM.
Well we've changed our leadership structure to include 3 leaders (Myself, Derek, Mo) in which we will vote on future guild decisions as a group and not be a solo entity in that process.

Also towards raid schedules Josh is coming up with schedules ahead of time and we will be going through he process of fine tuning it and keeping it up ahead a week or two above raid time so people can plan around this. If there are any questions please don't hesitate to ask us.

Prince Down!

Star stryke, Nov 11, 07 8:06 AM.
Are first venture to Prince and we took him down with one shot, congrats guys 2 left in the dungeon and we can claim full clear lets see this happen.

Shade of Aran Down

Star stryke, Oct 30, 07 10:35 PM.
With alot of good work from all the people on monday's raid, we managed to take down shade of aran on a single attempt. Keep up the goodwork people lets push this farther!

Curator on farm

Star stryke, Oct 9, 07 2:31 PM.
Curator is on farm and Netherspite was taken down to 11% on our own power. Grats guys only a matter of time till we get him down along with the rest of the bosses in there.

Netherspite/Netherbane/Chess Event Down

Star stryke, Sep 19, 07 7:40 PM.
We had a great night on this past monday, we took down 3 bosses with minimal effort and only one item had to be DE'd so grats to all. And may this continue.
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