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Welcome to KTS MLG PRO's new official website!

KTS is a halo 2 pro clan that is made by KSIZon3King, RunninAnGunning and N0ral L3get, there are couple of rules that must be followed in all times please take a look in the KST - Rules under "Information" but the most important is that you must have the clan icon in all times and be respectful to all members in the clan. If you want to learn more about KTS please read "About KTS" below or under Information in your left.
Please read all of the things that has *read* on it.
 Everyone needs to have our icon its not that complex so its very easy to do you have to have a diagonal background blue on top white on bottom you can have any icon you want but your primary icon has to have steel(black) it should look like one of these:

About KTS

KTS stands for KillToSurvive. KTS is a theme-oriented, unified group of gamers who understand gaming on a different level. KTS is interconnected through the mediums of online gaming and the internet, and KTS is going to be present in all games, on all platforms, and in as many types of media as possible. KTS strives to establish itself in a positive way. We are all about RESPECT, and we believe that RESPECT is a two-way street.KTS is always prepared for the fight, constantly operating in a professional manner.

The Creator of KTS, which consist of one person, Kelso245, strives to bring the Best for The KTS Community in any number of areas and to advance XiEG to its full potential. The Creator are the leadership of KTS, and the members of the Administration have good reason to keep other leaders in check. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and a leader is only a leader when Respected from both directions of command. The Creator guides KTS and know what is needed to get the Job Done.

KTS is, in truth, a virtual Community that plays games together. It is a unified group of gamers, and it constantly wants to promote those who work for it. We are always Respecting but are not afraid to strike back when disrespected. KTS does designate itself as a team,

KTS Respects each other and plays games in a professional manner. KTS loves to succeed, at any point in time a member of KTS is striving to complete something. KTS is dynamic. It is always changing and adapting to the needs of its members. KTS is a group of serious gamers who play and operate in a professional manner, Respecting those who work for them.


The Administration of KTS has real-world corporate experience and the knowledge of Gaming. KTS is a strong link between the Gamers and the Corporation. We can take what a corporation gives us and bring directly to the gamers. We can take the ideas and wants of the Gamers and translate them to allow the business world to benefit. KTS has the know-how and the determination to accomplish anything if properly motivated to do so.

It takes a Team to succeed. The KTS Gaming Community believes that Strength Is In Experience and KTS has some of the most determined people ever to grace the world of gaming. When unified, there is little KTS cannot accomplish.

KTS will be the #1 Gaming Family. KTS does whatever it wants, and nobody pushes KTS around. plays with confidence and in a professional manner. KTS operates as more than just a team. It operates as a COMMUNITY. Join KTS and go to the next generation. Read the Rules for more information on what KTS is about.

Mysticdjmaster  Website Creator
This website and its contents are copyright © 2006 - 2007


KTS - H2 Challenge (Halo2 Challenge)

538710034_Inactive, Jun 14, 07 8:21 PM.
he H2 Challenge is a FFA game to test to see who is the best in halo 2, after the H2 challenge the top 1000 people goes in to a halo 2 tournament. The 5 people that comes at the top 5 gets a xbox 360 elite, the top 10 I think gets a free 12 month.

KTS - ClanTactular

538710034_Inactive, Jun 14, 07 8:21 PM.
Everyone please goto this website or press under Sponsor/Allies/Links and register in that webiste and after you do tell us your name in it by commenting your name in the comment box to do that press "(0) Comments" below this messege. ClanTacular is a clanmatch website we can arrange clan matches againts other clans.


538710034_Inactive, Jun 14, 07 8:20 PM.
IF you haven't registered on this website, you must do it immidiately somethings are will not be shown, like "Events" and the "BlackList" not registering will be a disadvantage for you, you will not be able to vote for anything, you can't share your ideas in the Forums and you cannot participate in any events.

KTS - Tournaments/Practices

538710034_Inactive, Jun 14, 07 8:20 PM.
The Overlords and Staff decided that every Friday the whole clan will have a practice tournament at 5:30 PM, Saturday we will have a double team tournament at 5:30 PM and Sunday we will have a FFA Tournament, who ever wins the " Double-Team Tournament" you will get a XLG 2 month or get $30.00$ sent to your house (NO SCAM). The team that won the "Double-Team Tournament will go 2v2 against the top 2 people that won the "FFA Tournament" (the team that won in the "Double-Team Tournament" cannont participate in the "FFA Tournament". The top winner of the "FFA Tournament" will get $30.00$ sent to their house.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

538710034_Inactive, Jun 14, 07 3:46 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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