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Kanoste'hyanda Agarwaen
We Are Recruiting
May 9, 08 12:39 AM
Character Claims
Mar 3, 08 4:49 AM
And once again...
Jun 14, 07 5:53 PM
Creos! Elune-Adore.

After the Great Sundering and the fall of the Kaldori empire, Kanoste'hyanda Agarwaen was created at the behest of Malfurion Stormrage to help repair the ravaged world left by the Sundering.  Headed by the elven family, Swiftwind, the Kanoste'hyanda Agarwaen fought valiantly to help Kalamdor recover from it's bitter wounds.

Over a millennia ago, a small contingent of the group ventured into Silithus and found the amassing insect swarm that began the War of the Shifting Sands.  The war ended the lives of every house in the
Kanoste'hyanda Agarwaen save one.  By the end of the war an elf named Derken Nightrunner was the only remaining member of
Kanoste'hyanda Agarwaen.

Derken has spent his days rebuilding this group to help rebuild Azeroth.  Many other races of the Alliance has found an interest in the group and they have welcomed their allies with open arms.

((Kanoste'hyanda Agarwaen is a Medium RP - Medium PvP Guild.  Our current primary goal is oriented toward leveling))
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We Are Recruiting

538963070_Inactive, May 9, 08 12:39 AM.
The Guild is now open for recruitment.  All Classes and Races (except Horde, sorry guys the game won't let us).

As a request ensure you get the following information for record:

* What is their predominant goal PvP, PvE?
* Do they have an RP story or other RP info we need to be aware of?
* What is their professions?

Character Claims

538963070_Inactive, Mar 3, 08 4:49 AM.

And once again...

538963070_Inactive, Jun 14, 07 5:53 PM.
Due to issues in the forums of Character Planet.  We have once again moved the Guild Site and hoping for more success.

For those who don't know who we are we are the guild formerly known as the Crimson Sword.  Due to a shift in RP focus we made an alteration in the Guild name to rectify issues with other guilds.
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