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Silver Daggers
Becoming a Dagger
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Currently recruiting all classes, but high need for qualified Warriors, Bards, Shammys, and Enchanters.
Current Recruiting
Silver Daggers is currently recruiting competent adult players of all classes who desire to progress through Norrath within a family atmosphere.
Active Officer Contacts

Castrovdemise - Guild Leader
Aulora  - Guild Leader
Morlac - Officer
Nieranya - Officer
Panajack - Officer

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The Silver Daggers is an Everquest guild currently located on the Rathe server.  We are a guild rich in tradition and lore.  Founded in 1999 - Silver Daggers is one of the oldest guilds in existance in the world of Norrath.  We pride ourselves on something we like to call "Dagger spirit" - we take care of our own.  When you are a Silver Dagger you aren't just part of a guild, you are part of a family. 

Dagger Updates

Meet Panajack!

Aulora Borealis, Jul 17, 09 8:53 PM.

This barbarian rogue is OLD SCHOOL - rocking out 85 levels since joining SD around 2003.  Even his favorite food, iron rations, is old school!  Panajack says that his favorite color is RED - like blood!!  (Who knew??)  When asked about hobbies he explained that he enjoyed stabbing hordes of giants around Valdeholm.  But when it comes to his favorite landscape that would be Halas - like any good barbarian would tell you!

Get to know Panajack - one of our new Silver Daggers officers!

Meet Nieranya

Aulora Borealis, Jul 17, 09 8:47 PM.
Meet one of our new officers, Nieranya!!

Nieranya is an Erudite Magician of the 85th season.  She has been an active member of Silver Daggers since 2008.  Her favorite color is bright orange because it reminds her of fire!  Favorite food?  Flamekin baked rolls!  (There seems to be a trend here).  When not busy running around the land she enjoys plucking the wings from nymphs or relaxing in Dragon Scale Hills.  Often times you can find her big sister, Tillandesia, out and about as well!

Get to know Nieranya!

SD Loses one of our own =(

lynienu, Apr 3, 08 4:03 PM.

In loving Memory of our beloved Shammy, Anniston.  You will be greatly missed Tamara.


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