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Welcome to the Storm's Eye, a site dedicated to play-by-post games set in the world of the Storm.

The Storm is a world broken in pieces, torn apart by the raw power of the elements. Several thousand years ago, apocalypse happened. Called the Godswar, the Breaking, Armageddon, Ragnorok, and a hundred other names, this catasrophe was a terrible struggle between the gods and planes. The earth, the planes, and even the gods were split asunder in the terribble clash. No one knows what caused the Godswar, or even if the Gods tried to destroy the world or sacrificed themselves trying to save it, but the aftermath was clear.

The world will never be the same. Giant chunks of rock and ice spiral through a void filled with crackling elemental forces, lit by the warmth of stars composed of pure magic. Ships sail not on water, but through the void, using enchanted sails or eldritch machines for power, connecting the new kingdoms and empires that have sprung up through trade and warfare.
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