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Hello Guest,

Welcome to Spilled Milk an Everquest based guild on the Stromm server.

All new members please register for the site, then go to forums and request member access. When you receive member access, please create your character so we can have an updated member list.



In search of Orbs and RGC.

537076360_Inactive, Oct 8, 04 1:44 PM.
On 10/06 Spilled Milk again entered The Deep and after a rough start smashed BB and THO again. Grats to Zeola on Shard from Unfathomable Depths, Vekzar on Ring of Living Ore, Undeadmazter on Ring of Living Ore, and Seriu on Brilliant Metal Bauble! On 10/07 we did Rhag's/Arch Lich cycle again. Dealing with yet another bug in Ssra where our MT fell through a wall and members being summoned to all corners of Ssra again...we rezzed up and on we pushed to the end. Unfortunately we did not get RGC but we did get 3 orbs and lots of loots. Grats to Osiros on Serpent Skin Armlet, Redhott on Silver Lined Sleeves, Aumamyen on Crystal of Interpretation, Kauldrin on Shadowed Silk Pants, Mynir on Blindfoe, Osiros on Platinum Mesh Guard, and Mynir on Pristine Jade Idol!

Arch Lich Rhag'Zadune

537076360_Inactive, Oct 5, 04 12:51 PM.
Arch Lich Rhag'Zadune fell to Spilled Milk today for the first time. Another nice first kill all. =) Grats to Copperfist on Serpent Skin Armlet, Lindora on Khashek's Katar, Wandalen on Smouldershank, Tibideau on Serpent Skin Leggings, Copperfist on Pristine Jade Idol, Tigora on Savage Lord's Pitchatka, and Seriu on Shield of Holy Vigor!

Ahkeva Ruins

537076360_Inactive, Sep 30, 04 10:50 PM.
Smoothest IV raid I've ever done, not a single add or death. Good job all! Shei was a dang good attempt and we worked it to the end, even though the confusion. I'm sure we'll get him next time all. =) Grats to Mynir on Crown of the Itraer Vius and Lloks on Iceshatter!

Spilled Milk gains Revenge.

537076360_Inactive, Sep 30, 04 1:10 PM.
We visited our old friend the Burrower Parasite again today. Wave after wave we met with an increased coordinated effort and raid discipline good job all. Grats to Dolekk on Ring of the Depthsand Suldaena on Ring of Living Ore! On we moved to Thought Horror Overfiend who had beaten us once before, but not today. With a beautiful kill, and much wonder at his many hp's we put this guy into the ground. Grats to Kauldrin on Orb of Lost Souls, Largepaw on Helm of Grim Blessings, and Information on Tor Vignus!

Kael Drakkel

537076360_Inactive, Sep 26, 04 2:36 AM.
Today Spilled Milk payed a visit to Kael Drakkel, Vindi was in our way so down he went. Next we realise no one has ever pulled the Statue before so we patiently wait while our pullers figured it out and on he comes.....bam lose half the raid. Think everyone had fallen asleep hehe, anyway druids kept our tank which had become a monk up long enough to battle rez the rest of the raid as I was the only cleric. They looted up and commenced adding dps and our MT took over again. The Idol went a little smoother. Although we did not get a ss of him. :( Unfortunately we hit a bump with AoW and wiped, rezzed in and buffed and I forgot to put someone on kite duty so he wouldn't despawn. /sigh. We'll get him next time! On we go to King Tormax where we were even more confused about how we were going to pull this guy. With some guild patience and ingenuity of our pull team and some brave necros we finally single pull Tormax and he at least was a flawless kill, good job all on a fun night! I've been promised a ss of King but no email yet will post when I get it. Grats to Leanda and Gwima on new Sleeper's Tomb keys... some pic's of us doing hand ins and our first zone in to ST: Grats on loot drops everyone and can't wait till next time.
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