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DF was recently created so we are by no means a true power raiding guild, YET, but that does not mean we are not a powerhouse =). We are currently trying to grow trying to set a few things into place.

A basic description of the guild is pretty much what we are, a friendly family oriented guild focused on one simple but powerful concept "enjoying the game". Another very important focus for us is you, the guildy, we will do as much as possible to assist any guildy in any way possible.

Since there are few of us, and as we all know there is plenty of game and precious little time. If you have a specific help request, our goal is to coordinate our online time as much as possible. As such we ask any guild member that needs assistance to use our forums on this website to ask for help and use our event manager to coordinate events - these items were put into effect specifically to meet those needs. Once a help request is submitted we'll focus on planning on how to best get it accomplished.

Now as mentioned earlier our raiding experience is limited so we are also focusing on attempting to raid even if just to get some basic experience, and also to better equip members. Me and a few others have had some experience with raiding and well be planning on having some basic raids, but making them more difficult as we go. This is a topic that will have to be further discussed.

Now to touch on fair play, everyone knows the importance of behavior even in the EQ world, my focus is not on rules, but rather on respect of others, fair play, and others will act in kind. If you feel like you are about to act this way, take a step back and re-approach the situation and let's not make a big deal out of small things.

Being ANON, try not to do it, 'nuff said.

A note on grouping, if you can't find a group please don't stress, I had to solo my pally for quite a while and as we all know EQ population is not what it used to be. So if you can't find a group, please remember there are literally tons of other things one can do in the world if you need something talk to any of the leads or one of the officers and we'll help you in the best way possible.

To those of you who are full members, thanks for joining the Guild ,and for those of you thinking about joining take the leap and give us a try. We are a fun crew to hang a round with (most of the time =P).
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