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Conviction LS
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Conviction was formed because I didn't like the drop systems of any of the Linkshells I've been in.  While no system is flawless, there are too many shells that use arbitrary rules, and the good old boy system.  There will not be any preferential treatment to anybody on any job on any drop.

This linkshell will focus primarily on sky, though depending on the desire of our members we may include Jailor farming, dynamis, and/or limbus.  The linkshell will use a very simple and very fair point system.  Every event that is set as mandatory will earn members points for attendance.  Sky farming will be worth 2 points.  God fights will be worth 1 point.  This is designed to ensure that the people that are showing up to help farm sky are rewarded over those that just show up for the God fights.

Anybody may bid on any piece of god gear that they can currently use.  Members may only obtain one item per event day.  I.e. if the LS fights both Genbu and Byakko a member may bid on Genbu's kabuto.  If they win that bid they may not bid on any other drops from Genbu or the subsequent Byakko fight.  If, however, the member loses the bid on G. kabuto, they are allowed to bid on another drop from Genbu or a drop from the next god fight that day. 

Sea, limbus, and dynamis (if the linkshell decides to do these events) will operate on a very similar point system.

Main / secondary jobs will not be set.  This is a noob notion that penalizes people with multiple level 75 jobs.

Conviction concedes that real life does take priority over the game.  If you are unable to attend events due to real life issues, you will not be penalized, nor will you be rewarded for your absence.  Farming sky, sea, limbus, is work.  Those that work shall be rewarded.  Those that wish to leech off the rest of us will be left with nothing and will move on rather quickly.
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