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    After Dark was founded on the idea of bringing mature people together that have similar play styles and play times - namely casual play that is later at night. We have, in the past, had a rough time finding end game guilds that have raid times that start late enough that we could comfortably attend. Most raid times seem to start in the 5-7pm range, and that just didn't fit our lifestyle. A start time of 8:30 would be ideal for us and we believe there are others out there that are similar.

We believe that a guild can be casual in it's approach to raiding, yet still get the job done. We understand that people have real lives, real families, real jobs, and those all come before WoW. We don't believe in forcing people to spec a certain way, putting their character in a certain role, or requiring raid attendance. We do however look for honesty, loyalty, and integrity in our members. If you say you are going to do something (ie. sign up for a raid) then we fully expect you to show up on time, fully prepared, and put your heart in to it. In a raid you will have anywhere from 9 to 24 other AD members counting on you, so we expect you to be there for them, as they would be there for you.

Other Guild News

A'lar Down!

538981095_Inactive, Jun 18, 08 11:28 AM.
We went back to Tempest Keep last night with the sole purpose of killing A'lar so we could get people their shadow resist neck. It took us a couple of hours to get the fight down (it's a pain!) but as usual After Dark rose to the challenge and emerged victorious. Grats AD on the second new boss in two days!

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Naj'entus Down!

538981095_Inactive, Jun 17, 08 4:18 PM.
After Dark made it's first trip in to Black Temple last night and slayed the mighty Naga known as Naj'entus in only 4 attempts! We then cleared our way to Supremus and made a couple of decent attempts on him as well. Not a bad first night! Great job AD!

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Anetheron Down!

538981095_Inactive, Jun 3, 08 11:32 AM.
Well, it's been a while. We recently lost some of our long time raiders due to RL stuff and that set us back in the raiding dept. We were forced to step back a bit and do some recruiting over the last couple of weeks.

 Last night however proved that we are back on track and strong as ever! We dropped Anetheron for the first time which was a huge boost for us. BUT even more amazing was after dropping Rage and Anetheron we had an hour left so we marched on to the Horde camp to face the infamous Kaz'rogal trash.

I'm proud to say that our first attempt got us to wave 6 and our second attempt got us to the Boss! We then proceeded to kick his ass and saw 2%! A heartbreaker for sure, but an amazing night for AD nonetheless.

Rock on AD!

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Magtheridon Down!

538981095_Inactive, Apr 29, 08 9:09 AM.
We fried up some lizard last night! We finally went in and spent some time with Mags and once we got the hang of clicking the cubes at the right time, he went down without much trouble.

Unfortunately, we all ported out before we realized we forgot to take a screen shot! Oh well, we know we killed him, and that's all that matters.

Rage Winterchill Down!!

538981095_Inactive, Apr 22, 08 10:11 AM.
We took our first trip into Hyjal last night to see where we stood. We proceeded to ONE SHOT Rage Winterchill! I think we are looking pretty good =). We then made two attempts on Anetheron and got him to 50%. Not bad for our first night there ;).

We will make some adjustments and Anetheron will die next time we see him.

Welcome to T6 After Dark!

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