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Dawn Riders
Greetings Friends!

 Diluculo Equitis, or Dawn Riders, is a heavy rp guild looking for members who want a friendly, family environment. You are welcome here in our halls, so please, sit, have an ale, and browse our forums a while. We hope that during your time here you may find yourself wanting to stay. If that be the case, please make a post, and we will contact you soon. If this however is not home for you, then we wish you the best in your travels. Stay safe, and good hunting.

Mieliki Windsong, Lady of the Dawn Riders~


Congratulations Hiki and Oakwood!

538978878_Inactive, Oct 8, 07 4:34 AM.
Congratulations Hiki and Oakwood on your recent promotions!

  Hiki has been named our new Guardian, and Oakwood our newest Crusader. Everyone please be sure to give them a good pat on the back the next time you see them!

One New Crusader Positions Open Now!

538978878_Inactive, Oct 4, 07 9:40 AM.
 Greetings Kin!

  We have a call out, to all those who wish to become leaders within our ranks. One new Crusader position is now available, be sure to see the post under the member forums!

This Sunday, at the Green Dragon!

538978878_Inactive, Oct 4, 07 9:39 AM.
 Hail All!

  Our gathering this Sunday is going to be quite an event! There will be a lot to discuss, and a couple of great surprises as well! All Kin members are asked to be in attendance if possible. All officers, well <coughs> you had better be there my slaves! <cackles> I kid of course, about the slave part anyway, hehe, but it will truly be an evening you won't want to miss! I hope to see you all there!

New Vault Keeper

538978878_Inactive, Sep 7, 07 4:13 AM.
Hello All!

Kleio has come down with an adventuring bug , so to speak, and is turning her duties of vault keeper over to Drabo, ( a Minros/Sunastion/Greengage alt). Drabo is quite a fine young hobbit, honest, loyal, and I can not think of a better soul to care for our hard won treasures. Everything else with the vault remains the same. Send any donations you wish to make to Drabo, unless it is a crafting, in which case you would send it to the correct Officer in charge of that particular craft. I will see you all in game soon, take care!

New Crafting Officer positions are here!

538978878_Inactive, Aug 27, 07 12:33 PM.
At long last, positions are available for Crafting officers! These are "junior" officer positions, one for each individual craft. Please see the post under the members only forums for full details.

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